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Newspaper created by students participating in the Minority Journalism Workshop hosted by the WKU Journalism Department.

  • Ramsey, Carine. Labor of Love - Judy Schwank
  • Johnson, Shalana. Mayor Ties Fires to Race - Church arson
  • Cunningham, Shalonda. Social Service Agencies' Funds Restored
  • Davis, Tonie. Nece's Place - Earnece Walker
  • Carroll, Tyneia. Cornelius Martin Shucks Corn for Cars
  • Davis, Tonie. Elderly Foster Goodwill at Girls Club
  • Seymore, Shauna. Howard Bailey Combines Hard Work, Compassion
  • Rucker, Lori. Students Get Basics at the News
  • Carroll, Tyneia. Freshman Program Hopes to Lessen Dropout Rate
  • Doss, Tremecca. Church Burning Investigation Efforts Minimal
  • Rucker, Lori. Police Need Special Training to Work in Schools
  • Flynn, Aurelia. Days of Playing, Dogging Will Be Ending
  • Johnson, Nikki & Shanel Morton. Why Do Black Men Date White Women?
  • Brown, Tawana. Invisible Line Dividing Lexington Needs Erasing
  • Gordon, Shannon. NFL Writer Urges Students to Excel - Tommy George
  • Morton, Shanel. Herald-Leader Rolls Out Red Carpet
  • Wolfork, Vernon. The Workshop: Exploring Journalism First Hand
  • Evans, Tammy. Gary Hairlson Shares Love of Photojournalism
  • Profiles
  • Evans, Tammy. Sam Upshaw
  • Williams, Alicia. Jim Highland Takes His Mission Seriously
  • Morton, Shanel. Bob Adams Enjoys Helping Students Succeed
  • Ramsey, Carine. Newspaper Always in Linda Moore's Life
  • Spaulding, Aurelia. All Eyes on Me Worth the Money
  • Flynn, Aurelia. Talented Young Musicians a Hit
  • Brown, Tawana. Borrow, Don't Buy, Jay-Z's New Album
  • Williams, Alicia. Sister and Diva Accept: Mission Impossible
  • Morton, Shanel. Leave it to Diva
  • Rucker, Lori. Cable Guy a Wast of Time, Effort
  • Brown, Tawana. Waiting to Exhale Sparked Controversy
  • Davis, Tonie. A Must for Music Lovers
  • Spaulding, Aurelia. Opryland: Fun in the Country
  • Williams, Alicia. Jim Harbaugh
  • Ramsey, Carine. Title IX: Western Moving Toward Compliance
  • Seymore, Shauna. Trina Wilson: Goals Are Not Hard to Reach
  • Johnson, Nikki. Lady Topper Basketball Crazy for Jaana Heikkila


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