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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Judd, Alan. Daryl Hancock Elected to Screening Panel
  • Stinnett, Roger: Rip-off: Police Hope Arrests Will Discourage Thefts
  • Hancock, Catherine. Playing Games: ‘Simulated’ Situations Aid Learning
  • Whitaker, David. Faculty Senate Rejects Proposal to Fund Faculty Evaluation
  • New Director Hired at Poland Hall – Ken Dyrsen
  • Council’s New Plan Should Help Improve Off-campus Programs
  • Wester, Don. Coach Asks Coverage – Intramurals
  • Vogt, Christy. Criticizes Tokenism
  • Waldrop, Alex. Wants Understanding
  • Whitaker, David. ‘No’ Unheard by Religious Solicitors
  • Stuart, Karen. Criticizes Bryan Armstrong Column
  • Rudolph, Nancy. Calls Crime Rise Sad
  • Beshear, Tom. Progress May Increase United Black Student Rolls
  • Little decline Seen in Non-residents
  • Childers, Shawn. Incomplete May Become ‘F’
  • MacDonald, Margaret. Psychology Students Trying to Learn about Themselves
  • Tuition Relief Left Unresolved
  • MacDonald, Margaret. Graduate Draws from Business Courses, Learns the ‘Practical Side’ of Running Store – John Upton
  • Lecture Tonight – Rodes-Helm Lecture – Harold Northrop
  • MacDonald, Margaret. $3 Million Invested in Research Here
  • Sigma Chi Derby Will End Sunday
  • White, Don. Tops Beat Tennessee Tech, 26-20
  • Basketball Team Has Grand Opening
  • Booster Club Split Over Hiring Director – WKU Hundred Club
  • Tops 3rd at Eastern; Tom Urtz Finishes 4th
  • Taylor Beth. Kentucky Whips Western, 8-1
  • Tops 14th in Southern Illinois University Meet


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