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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Hancock, Catherine, Judd, Alan. Blacks Ask Committee Representation
  • Young, Monte. Western Could Use Contacts to Hire Blacks, Teachers Say
  • Eblen, Tom. Dero Downing Objects to Boundary
  • Judd, Alan. 8 Running for Screening Position
  • State Internships Available
  • Associated Student Government Ducks Chance to Represent
  • Armstrong, Bryan. In Exile: Homecoming Acts’ Top-40 Should Be Banned
  • Buck, Sheila. Endorses Candidate – Daryl Hancock
  • Harry, Gerry. Criticizes Associated Student Government
  • Galloway, Amy. Between Giggles Campus Kids Say the Darndest Things
  • Holman, Connie. Lab Aids Students with English Classes
  • Fish, Tim. 500 Battle for Titles in Olympics
  • Video System Installed in University Center
  • Watson, Judy. Power Puff – Photo Spread of Greek Games
  • MacDonald, Margaret. Degree Program a Must for Graduation
  • Photographer Wins Award in Contest – Lewis Gardner
  • College of Education Building to Get Heat Today – Tate Page Hall
  • Quilts to be Displayed – Kentucky Museum
  • Beshear, Tom. No Cars Towed from Spaces Reserved for Booster Club
  • Biologists Get Federal Grants
  • Frederick, Elise. Dilemma Seen on ‘Payments’
  • Galloway, Amy. Student Hopes to Sell Own Songs – Rick Palombi
  • Hancock, Catherine. Associated Student Government Will Submit Proposal for Evaluation of Faculty
  • New 90-acre Mall to Open in August
  • Stinnett, Roger. Dental Clinic Open to Students
  • Galloway, Amy. Students Gain Experience by Staging Fashion Show
  • White, Don. Injuries Hurt Topper, Tech Offenses
  • White, Don. NCAA Tournament Win Kindles Fire in Hundred Club
  • Tops to Face 16 Teams at Illinois
  • Riflery Match Canceled
  • Taylor, Beth. Western Has New Lineup
  • Taylor, Beth. Toppers Tie Eastern, Lose in Playoff for First
  • Basketball Team Has 6 Freshmen
  • Softball Tourney Highlights Intramural Play


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