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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Young, Monte. Western Having Trouble Hiring Minority Teachers
  • Judd, Alan. Alumni Named to Committee
  • Malone, Roger. 50 Students Still Waiting for Grants
  • Clerical Job Applicants Must Take Skills Test
  • Hall Olympics Start Sunday
  • Young, Monte. Use, Cost Limit Hours at Library
  • Childers, Shawn. Lack of Cash Keeps Commuter on Road
  • Baird, Nancy. Clarifies Position – Chi Omega
  • Hancock, Connie. House for Greeks a Costly Reality
  • Hancock, Catherine. Faculty, Student Women Back ERA, Support Candidates through Caucus
  • Frederick, Elise. ‘How I’ Swings, But at Times Wobbles
  • Carpenter, Steve. Potter Sees Imperfect Beauty – William Weaver
  • Judd, Alan. Concert Act Still Not Booked
  • Traffic Fines Rise under New Court
  • Julian Carroll to Speak at Banquet
  • Carpenter, Steve. Heating Boilers Start Monday
  • Christian Science Counsel Available
  • Malone, Roger. Recruiting: ROTC Spends $3000 Yearly to Increase Enrollment
  • Family Planning Relocates Office
  • Armstrong, Bryan. Hobbled: Akron to Be without Regular Quarterback
  • White, Don. Scot May Join Team for Indiana University Invitational – John Graham
  • Student Voice Not Heard
  • Shooters Taking Aim on First Win
  • Taylor, Beth. Western’s No. 2 Seed Quits Team – Kathy Tinius
  • Two Teams in Match
  • Top Golfers in Indiana Tournament
  • George, Tommy. Alpha Xi Delta Beats Phi Mu


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