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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Judd, Alan. The Future: Dero Downing Says change Won’t Be Drastic
  • Fish, Tim. ‘Miss Margie’ Helm Finds Retirement Interesting
  • Childers, Shawn. Students and Faculty Have Celebrities’ Names But not Their Interest
  • Stinnett, Roger. Soldiers Came before Students on the Hill
  • Malone, Roger. Kappa Sigma Cannon ‘Fires up’ Games
  • Ardnt Stickles Set the record – 46 Years
  • Beshear, Tom. Homecoming Concerts Vary in Success
  • Carpenter, Steve. Henry Cherry Never Saw Dream Finished
  • Beshear, Tom. Towel Waving Became Symbolic Because of E.A. Diddle’s Superstitions
  • Queen Candidates Caused Coach to Send Team Home
  • Armstrong, Bryan. Cardboard Crown Decorated the First Homecoming Queen
  • Eblen, Tom. Former President’s Ties with Western Strong after Half-century – Kelly Thompson
  • Stinnett, Roger. Changes on Hill Surprise to Returning Alumni
  • Stevens, Vickie. Fate Brings the Murrays Together in Spite of Overprotective Brother – Anne Coop, Lee Murray
  • Galloway, Amy. Early Dorm Life Ruled by Regulations
  • Malone, Roger. Statues Gift of Former Students – Perry Snell, Italian Garden
  • Blair, Becky. 1956 Decision Caused Western to ‘See Red’ (and White) for Good
  • McCord, Tom. 1968: Year of Upheaval, Except Here
  • ‘Pioneering’ Cabin Project Never Grew – Pioneer Cabin
  • Holman, Connie. Downing’s Son, Friends Collect Western Sports Memorabilia – Alex Downing
  • Malone, Roger. Grant Delay to Force 7 to Quit School
  • Judd, Alan. Athletes Get $350,000; Others Awarded $200,000
  • McCord, Tom. Help Available for Legal Problems
  • Almost 1,400 Vote in Queen Election
  • Group to Play at Horse Cave – Southern Grassroots Music Tour
  • Easy Win: Athletics Romp Academics in Grant Money
  • Whitaker, David. Yes, We Have no Earthworms, Accused Restaurants Declare
  • Travis, Laurie. Wants Women Hired
  • Wheeler, Mickey. Thanks Fraternities
  • Holman, Connie, Young, Monte. Two Blacks Recall Early Integration, Prejudice Here – Clem Haskins, J.E. Jones
  • MacDonald, Margaret. Jaben: a Special Rat
  • PR Group Planning National Meeting in New Orleans – Public Relations Student Society of America
  • Events Fill Rest of Week - Homecoming
  • Beshear, Censorship not Responsible for Missing Scene in Movie
  • Parking Zones to be Enforced
  • Ribar, Richard. Ensemble Offers 17th-century Music – Concentus Musicus
  • Frederick, Elise. Class Uses Surveys to Teach Effects of Popular Culture – James Pearse
  • Frederick, Elise. Teachers to Share Ideas at Speech Convention
  • Malone, Roger. Political Organizations Link Students with the Candidates
  • Stevens, Vickie. Disco Fills Dorm with Music
  • Fish, Tim. University Center Filled with ‘Spooks’ - Halloween
  • Carpenter, Steve. Building Homecoming Floats Investment of Time, Money
  • Player, Exile Play Tomorrow Night
  • Trick no Treat
  • White, Don. Toppers Hope to Pick on Poor Middle
  • Taylor, Beth. Tradition Binds Marty Jaggers to Western
  • White, Don. Turnabout Tickles Fans Pink-er-red
  • Taylor, Beth. HEW Files Sex-discrimination Complaint against Western
  • Western Signs First Prospect – Sylvester Ingram
  • George, Tommy. 1968 Brought New Stadium, Coach
  • George, Tommy. Consistency Made Dickie Moore a Star
  • Stewart, Kevin. ’68 Assistant Coaches Made Good
  • Stinnett, Roger. It Took $50,000, Old Quarry to Build Hill’s First Stadium
  • White, Don. Top Runner Tim Brooks No Longer a No-name
  • White, Don. Del Hessel Hoping to Tour Europe with Olympians
  • Taylor, Beth. Runner Shakes Accident – Abraham Abdul-Haq
  • Intramural Football Tourney Set to Start Monday
  • Book Outlines Traits Needed for Success – Del Hessel
  • Two Runners in Regional Meet – Cathy Hyde, Erika Christensen
  • Soccer Club Beats Murray
  • Seats Almost Ready for Red Towel Club


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