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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Hancock, Catherine. Promotion Contract Will Be Re-bid
  • Whitaker, David. Carding Uniform, Police Say
  • Hancock, Catherine. Twitches, Palms Reveal the Truth to Administrator – Jack Sagabiel
  • Malone, Roger. 4 Students Still without Grants Will Be Asked to Leave School
  • Professor in Iran not Near Rioting – Carlton Jackson
  • Judd, Alan. Freshmen Get Most Scholarships
  • Group Raising Money for Cancer Research – Kentucky Public Health Association
  • Apply early to Ease Grant Delay
  • Nutter, Gina. Criticizes Letter
  • Boucher, Laurence. Discusses Speaker – William Lipscomb
  • Hodges, Judy. Plea Ignored
  • Some Arena Lockers Can Be Locked
  • Galloway, Amy. Player, not Exile, Deserved Top Bill
  • Concert Makes $3,340
  • Carpenter, Steve. Connie Gibson Wins Homecoming Crown
  • Screening Committee Examines applications
  • Senate Election Today
  • Taylor, Susan. Honduran Enjoys Queen Race at Her First Homecoming – Kathy Cruz
  • Holman, Connie. Murders, Loose Farm Animals among reports to Dispatchers
  • Fallout Shelters Not Stocked
  • Taylor, Susan. Teacher Observes Argentine Schools – Dewayne Mitchell
  • Inspection Delayed – Kentucky Building
  • Rescue Show Tomorrow
  • Western’s Playoff Chances Dimmed by trio of Strong Teams
  • Stewart, Kevin. Showoffs Key Shutout Win
  • Stewart, Kevin. 1st Athletic Trainer Sparked Program – Russell Miller
  • Taylor, Beth. Western Runners Place 42nd, 52nd
  • Sigma Chi, Lambda Chi Alpha in Finals – Intramurals