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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Young, Monte. Student Wage May Go up 22¢
  • Concert Canceled; Tickets Sales Blamed – Wet Willie
  • Stinnett, Chuck. Despite 3 Recent Threats, Bomb Scares Less Frequent
  • Holman, Connie. Egyptian Trades Exotic Life for Business World, Teaching – Ali Adel Albadawy
  • MacDonald, Margaret. Buses May Ease Vehicle Shortage
  • Queen Elected – Dawn Smith
  • Program Will Extend Education – Weekend College
  • Outlaws Justified in Canceling Show
  • Reynolds, David. Complains About Heat – Barnes-Campbell Hall
  • Kappa Alpha. Thanks Pledges
  • Concerts Appealing to Blacks May Be Here Next Semester
  • New Aid Guidelines Stricter
  • Galloway, Amy. Mascot Says He’s Spectator, not Spectacle - Topper
  • Beshear, Tom. Academic Council Approves Changes in Physical Education Program
  • Stinnett, Chuck. Stolen Books Re-sold to Bookstore
  • Beaty, Lisa. ‘Dissertation Blues’ Plague School’s Faculty Members
  • White, Don. Gene Keady: Toppers not at ‘Magic Level’
  • Florida A&M Gets Playoff Bid
  • Taylor, Beth. Injuries prevail as Tops Go Down
  • Taylor, Beth. Tops Take 2-0 Mark to Bellarmine
  • Toppers Win Opening Meet
  • Riflers Win
  • Intramural Final Tomorrow
  • Area Christmas Programs Bringing in the Green
  • Supplier May not Ration Gas
  • Nobel Prize Winner to Speak Tonight – William Lipscomb


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