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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Armstrong, Bryan. John Minton Given Right to Appoint Lawyers
  • Judd, Alan. Candidates Submitted to Board of Regents
  • Galloway, Amy. Academic Council Lifts Ban on re-numbering of Courses
  • MacDonald, Margaret. Students May Elect Interhall Council Head
  • George, Tommy. Marion Wingo Leads Third-place Finish
  • Without Barby Shields, Toppers Sputter
  • Kentucky, Morehead Beat Western
  • Cable TV Requires Budgeting
  • Klarer, Ann. Wants Parking
  • Chou, Nee-Yin. Sorry for Article
  • Tapper, Kris. Proud of Victory
  • Young, Monte. Race Relations Improved, Affirmative Action Officer Says – Jim Tomes
  • Hancock, Catherine. Grant Applicants Confused by Attempt to Simplify Forms
  • Trillion Will Appear Feb. 15 with Heart
  • Mason, Cecelia. Funds May Limit Cable Channel’s Use
  • Malone, Roger. School Receives First Patent – Norman Holy
  • Pond, Neil. Musician ‘Picks’ and Sings with Stars – Mike Card
  • Malone, Roger. Instructors on Sabbaticals Required to Work on Projects
  • Stewart, Kevin. Balanced Attack Swamps Eastern
  • Taylor, Beth. Poised Tops Bomb Eastern for Second KWIC Victory
  • Stewart, Kevin. Child’s Message to Kurtis Townsend: ‘Get Well Soon’
  • Stevens, Vickie. Theater Major Directs First Production – Richard Bitsko
  • Number of Books Sold Same, but Bookstore Revenue up
  • Wood, Rick. Ron Finley, Roberto Ledesma Key Win
  • Instructors Told to Stop Posting Students’ Grades


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