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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Elam, Jerry. Associated Student Government Housing Survey Urges Improvement in Dorm Conditions
  • Elam, Jerry. Tutor Learns to Make Friends in ‘Unforgettable’ Program
  • $1000 Reward Offered for Bomb Information – Parking Structure
  • Ayers, Elaine. Balloting Scheduled Thursday in Election
  • Elmore, Valerie. Voluntary Meal Ticket Program Loses Money
  • Festival Deadline Nears
  • What Price Convenient Food Service
  • Russell, Steven. I Must Go Down to the Sea, Glub Glub
  • Bickley, Roy. Criticizes Photos
  • York, Dave. Wants Intramural Coverage
  • Police to Begin Parking Crackdown
  • Clayworth, Carl. Nursing Program Changes Selection Procedure
  • Johnston, Scott. ‘Celebrate Life’ Slated Tonight
  • Noonday Show to Begin Second Television Season
  • Applications Being Accepted for Tutorial Program
  • Smith, Verenda. Toppers Slowly Build up Steam, Derail Govs 28-0
  • Lawrence, Fred. Nick Rose Shatters Course Record as Western Races to Victory
  • Peckengaugh, Leo. Injury Rears Its Ugly Head again
  • Intramural Flag Football
  • Chris Carlsen Leads the Way as Rifle Team Riddles Govs
  • Collins, Don. Murray Sweeps Doubles to Down Tops
  • Rogers, Richard. Mild Upsets Blur Ohio Valley Conference Title Picture


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