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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Elmore, Valerie. Film Nostalgia Propels Week
  • Groves, Cindy. Geneva Ray: the Party to Whom You Are Speaking
  • Martin, Susan. Cherryton: Unique Housing Program
  • Baker, Marcia. Cheer Leaders: Red and White Squads from the Rah-rah Days Rocked Rafters, Led Spirit of Western Football Fans
  • Hale, Pat. College Students’ Nutrition Mainly Empty Calories
  • Zacharias, Dianna. Kelly Thompson Recalls First Homecoming
  • Belasco, Janet. Hours Have Come a Long Way
  • Smith, Verenda. Eagles out to End Western’s Win Skein
  • Pence, Carter. Who’s the Best? How Does This Year’s Team Stack up to the ’63 Unbeaten? Coaches Aren’t Sure
  • Entire WKU Staff Played at Western
  • Rogers, Richard. Runners Host University of Louisville, Morehead
  • Rogers, Richard. Van Pitman’s Job? He Blocks So Others Can Run
  • 14 Different WKU Players Have Scored
  • Lawrence, Fred. Swag: He’s into Everything – Erwin Hartel
  • Morehead Has Trouble in Topper Homecomings
  • Jim Ivey Gives Offense a Shot in the Arm
  • Peckenpaugh, Leo. Transfers Agree, Things Are Just Better at Western
  • Jimmy Feix’s Teams Have Never Been Skunked
  • Dillingham, Jed. Amendment Questions to Appear on Nov. 6 Ballot
  • Caudill, Tom. Anthropology Major Approved by Council
  • Johnston, Scott. Big Red Band: 264 Feet on the March
  • Time Turns Back in Flight
  • Merrill, Bonnie. Mum-less the Word Liberated Chiquitas Wit by the Phone for Homecoming Date
  • Woody Guthrie Program Set by Intercultural Studies
  • Worley, Myron. Past Homecomings Have Offered Diverse Activities
  • The School’s a Little Different, but the Hill Remains the Same
  • Merrick, Bruce. Explains Sigma Chi Derby Purpose
  • Clark, Doug. Raps Inaccurate Report – Collette Blackburn
  • Hughes, Brad. Students Do the Suffering
  • Biddle, Gary. A Hot Time – Academic Complex
  • Madison, Stephanie. Homecoming Is Special Day for Mrs. Bess Gilbert
  • Dairy Team Returns from Competition
  • ‘L’ Avare’ Set Wednesday
  • University Lecture Series to Begin Tuesday Night – Reynolds Price
  • Two WKU Freshmen Arrested Thursday
  • Lawrence, Fred. It’s Nice to Have Someone to Turn To – Host Family Program
  • Gray, David. 11 Faculty Member Have Been Singled out for Efforts
  • Homecoming Boosts Business
  • McCoy, Morris. ‘Parker’s Back’ Slated Tomorrow and Monday
  • Mike Howell Places Fourth in Debate Competition


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