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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Kroeger, Mark. Freshmen May Face Financial Aid Pinch
  • Elam, Jerry. Full-time Benefits Sought for Part-time Students
  • Cross, Al. Sponsor Withdraws City Bike Ordinance - Bicycles
  • Lawrence, Fred. Tenure, Decreased Enrollment Curb Faculty Turnover
  • United Givers Campaign Sets Goal at $170000
  • Ecology Students Plan 2 Field Trips
  • Fall Semester Mini-vacation Would Ease Autumn Grind
  • Fear of Bike Plan Needless – Bicycles
  • Baker, James. Says Ticket Buyers Cheated – Ballet
  • Grace, Randall. Braless Attraction
  • Wise, Carlos. Wants Explanation
  • Gagle, Merlin. Praises Jerry Elam
  • Foreign Language Activities Billed
  • Faculty Member to Chair Panel – Phil Constans
  • Upchurch, Cindy. Sigma Chi Derby Continues
  • Groves, Cindy. University Doesn’t Insure Dorm Residents’ Belongings
  • Edwards, Bruce. Play(ing) Along photo essay – Theatre & Dance
  • Caudill, Tom. Foreign Studies Office Formed
  • Dan Issel to Appear on Telerama
  • Many Exhibitions Slated for Year
  • Eight Kentucky Music Teacher’s Association Concerts Scheduled This Year
  • Cross, Al. Three-ring Circus Now Performing on the Diamond – World Series
  • Mass Communications Enrollment Increases
  • Cross, Al. Brother Bait Program Shows Band’s Versatility
  • Seminar Exploring Contemporary Issues – Seminar on Higher Education
  • Military Science Plans to Offer Bi-term Course
  • Pence, Carter. Potent Eastern Attack Awaits Hilltoppers for Tomorrow’s Class in Richmond
  • Fall Baseball Title up for Grabs
  • Rogers, Richard. Western Runners Host Murray in Third Meeting
  • Elmore, Valerie. ‘Stick-to-it-iveness’: Determination Marks Career of Tennis Coach Betty Langley
  • Smith, Verenda. ‘Don’t Knock ‘em Down, Get ‘em Out’—Mike Grubb
  • Rogers, Richard. Wilson Farmer Gathers Premier Shooters


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