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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Kroeger, Mark. Administrators Hit Report on Deficits
  • Dillingham, Jed. One-way Traffic Experiment Extended – Russellville Road
  • Ayers, Elaine. Crisis Line Attempts to Bridge Lonely Void - HELP
  • Elam, Jerry. Associated Student Government Proposal Would Lengthen Cafeteria Hours
  • Telerama Set – March of Dimes
  • Program Offers African Study
  • Seventeen Coeds Enter Race for Homecoming Queen Title
  • Warnings Should Be Posted on Russellville Road Speed
  • Holland, Henry. Wants Diners Shod
  • Brewington, Tanitha. Says Ordinance Misunderstood – Bicycles
  • Collins, Brian. Frosh Should Compromise – Parking
  • Mitchell, Eddie. More Classrooms Needed
  • Linning, Debbie. Also Against Dorm Fee
  • Lile, Adele. Applauds Editorial – Married Student Housing
  • Casper, Clarice. Says Structure Insecure – Parking Structure
  • Ayers, Elaine. It’s an Ill Wind that Blows Through Chi-town
  • Madison, Stephanie. Cellar Becomes Weekend Spot for Blacks
  • WKU Teacher Dies of Cancer – James McKee
  • David Whitaker to Receive Award
  • Clayworth, Carl. WKU Press Club Forms, Sigma Delta Chi Sought
  • Brakes Need to Be Inspected Every 10,000 miles
  • Miller, Roger. Sale of Economy Cars Rising in Bowling Green
  • Miller, Roger. … But Some Dealers Claim Number Sold Is Exaggerated
  • There Are a Few Under-the-hood Things You Can Do Yourself
  • Air Conditioners Need Wintertime Care
  • Suggestions Offered to Increase Gas Mileage
  • Distress Flags Alert Motorists
  • Even ‘Permanent’ Anti-freeze Needs to Be Changed
  • Tire Wear Leaves Clues
  • Hints for Transmission Maintenance
  • Newer Models Decrease Hydro-carbon and Carbon Monoxide Emissions
  • Johnston, Scott. Ethos Has ‘No’s’ for Boogie Fans
  • McCoy, Morris. James Brown’s Ready Set Goes When ‘Angel’ Is Staged
  • Johnston, Scott. Orchestra Concert Set Thursday
  • ‘Grey Matter’ Is Subject of Carlton Jackson’s Latest Book
  • Bi-term Finals Begin Oct. 19
  • Smith, Verenda. It Was a Good Day for Football—Western-style, That Is
  • Rogers, Richard. Top’s Cross-country Team Assaults Visitors
  • Collins, Don. Women’s Net Team Falls, Ends Year with 2-2 Mark
  • Vanderbilt Topples WKU Shooters
  • Pence, Carter. John Bushong Likes to Hear Bones Break
  • Peckenpaugh, Leo. Homecoming Bonanza Awaits Tops
  • Ho-hum, Western Nine Splits Again
  • Mike McGehee to Head Special Forces Unit
  • Western Coed Wins Title – Ginger Fry, Miss Three Alarm
  • Commission Vote on Bike Tonight - Bicycles


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