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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Cross, Al. Potter, Graduate Deans Sought
  • Davis, Daniel. Vandalism Hits Men’s Dormitories; False Fire Alarms Cited as Problem
  • Johnston, Scott. Local Employment Scene Good for Western Students
  • Rodes-Helm Series Slates Vincent Price Lecture
  • English Professors Attend Seminar – Catherine Ward, Robert Ward
  • Agriculturalists Attend Confab
  • Flu Bug Has Not Hit WKU, Though Symptoms Are Evident
  • Kentucky Residency Laws Lead to Ridiculous Situations
  • Associated Student Government Shows Good Sense in Retaining Spending Limits
  • Thompson, Billy. Wants Depository – WKU Libraries
  • Charton, Dallas. Says More Reaction Needed
  • Brownlee, Tim. Children’s Theatre Stars Elves – The Elves & the Shoemaker
  • Students Direct Noonday Practicum
  • Cross, Al. Lynyrd Skynyrd, Ethos to Play Armory Thursday
  • Major-mini Concert Series Opens with Pair from Storyteller Harry Chapin
  • Finish Tenor Due Tonight – Aimo Kiviniemi
  • Wedding, George. Gasoline Should Be Easily Available along the Interstate Route to Florida
  • Zacharias, Dianna. Kentucky by Foot: Backpacking an Inexpensive Trip
  • Elmore, Valerie. Florida Offers the Vacationer Sand, Surf and So Much More
  • McCubbin, Mary. ‘Magic Kingdom’ Wonderland Highlights Walt Disney World
  • Elmore, Valerie. Stay-at-homes Find Vacation at Their Door
  • Belasco, Janet.Spring Break Biking Will ‘Wheel’ away the Hours
  • McCubbin, Mary. Ski Club to Slush off to Colorado
  • McCubbin, Mary. Underwater Fun Begins for Scuba Club in Florida’s Pennekamp State Park
  • Pershing Rifles Take Second Place at Bowling Green Meet
  • Peckenpaugh, Leo. Red Hot Toppers Race by Murray 76-69
  • Collins, Don. Jayvees Thump Racers 92-66
  • Rogers, Richard. WKU Tankers Expected to Finish Second in Championship Meet
  • Reeves, Sammy. Lambda Chi Alpha Advances to Intramural Finals
  • Collins, Don. Murray Gals Whip Toppers
  • Lawrence, Fred. Without Bug Guns, Topper Trackmen Don’t Make Much Noise in Wisconsin
  • Gridders Add C.W.Post to Schedule
  • WKU Journalism Group to receive Sigma Delta Xi Charter
  • License Plate Deadline Friday


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