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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Articles in this issue:

  • Richardson, Kelly. State May Cut Funding for Higher Education
  • McNamara, Andrew. City Votes for Prepay Gas Stations
  • Fontana, Alex. Walk Sheds Light on Campus Safety
  • Erd, Mackenzie. Dining Services Will Purchase Fresh Produce from Local Farms
  • A Thousand Words – Coldplay
  • Hupman, Samantha. Fewer Students Using Library
  • Gasoline Prepay is Good, But it Shouldn’t be Forced by Government
  • McDougal, Elizabeth. The Mindset of Some Women is Appalling
  • Jordan, Skylar. The Tearing Down of Snell Hall is Tragic
  • Williams, Craig. Jessica Needs Defense
  • Ivie, Walter. Shame on Those Who Booed Coach David Elson
  • Elam, Thomas. Help is Near
  • Coulter, Amber. Pearce Ford Tower to Get New Roof; Other Repairs to Come
  • Richardson, Kelly. State Lotto to Benefit Students
  • Coulter, Amber. Card Readers Frustrate Students
  • Richardson, Kelly. Program Plans to Reach Legacies – Alumni Association
  • Richardson, Kelly. Students in National Guard Called to Help – Hurricane Katrina
  • Hupman, Samantha. Celebration to Highlight Authors – Jim Wayne Miller Celebration
  • Green, Tavia. Internal Search Brings Individuality – Marqus Wilson
  • North, Amber. Columnist Clueless for Ideas
  • Venzin, Megan. Local Restaurants Unite to Help Hurricane Katrina Victims
  • Stackhouse, Layne. International Food Stores Cater to Different Tastes
  • Harten, David. Defense Improves with New Scheme – Soccer
  • Duncan, Mike. Friday Foe Knows Sun Belt Competition
  • Casagrande, Michael. Auburn is Wrong I-A Opponent
  • Watt, Wes. Test Looms on Plains – Football
  • Wilberding, Beth. Volleyball Team Does Its Part to Fight Cancer – Kela Fee
  • Stamm, Jason. Robby Shaw Wins Invitational with Final-Round 69 – Golf


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