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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni News
  • Class & Club
  • Editorials
  • Exchange Tidbits
  • Lines & Spaces-
  • Personals
  • Society

This issue contains articles:

  • Sir Herbert Ames to Speak Here on April 10-11
  • Choose Sponsors - ROTC
  • Plans Started for Alumni Breakfast
  • Attended Normal – Cordell Hull
  • Local Financier Speaks on State Money Situation – Max Nahm
  • Teachers Speak at. Franklin
  • ‘Spooks’ Wins Many Plaudits
  • Dr. Henry Cherry attends National Education Meeting Recently
  • Ruby Laffoon Speaks Here on Washington’s Birthday
  • Davidson, Mary. Red-Headed Baby Marvels at Wonders of Kentucky Museum
  • Spring Term to Open Here on April 3rd
  • Peabody Alumni Here Celebrate Founder’s Day with Banquet
  • Western Alumnus Honored by Sociological Society – Earl Sullenger
  • Track Practice Begins
  • Carson Aaron, Star Ball Player, Succumbs to Brief Illness
  • Rev. F.M. Masters Is Heard at Chapel
  • Iva Scott Club Has Annual Club Dinner
  • Addresses Teachers – Finley Grise
  • ROTC Unit Is again Champion
  • Park City News Gives Kentucky Museum Its Files
  • Extension Committee Has Parley on Hill
  • Our Distinguished Alumni – Ray Chumbler
  • Congress Club Scores Success in Burlesque Program at Assembly
  • Acknowledge Appreciation – Ruby Laffoon
  • George Page’s Mother Dies
  • Greenfield, Anna. History Is on Parade in Training School Pageant
  • Oratorio to Be Given by Music Groups of Hill – The Last Judgment
  • French Club to Present Moliere Play at Chapel – Le Cercle Francais
  • Kentucky Museum Gets Unique Paper
  • Speaks at High School – L.Y. Lancaster
  • Sir Herbert Ames
  • Beautifying the Campus
  • Demunbrun, R.A. Do You Know Kentucky?
  • A Tribute from Dr. Ambrose Suhrie
  • Sutterfield, Susan. Susie Breaks Protracted Silence with Long Letter
  • Wildcat Hollow
  • Geography Meet Here Soon
  • Sims, John. My Creed
  • Sims, John. Little Gloria’s Thought
  • Robertson, Charley. Two Questions
  • Pearl, Quinn. The Snow
  • Dr. Stickles’ Sister Dies
  • Sims, John. Nuance
  • Miss Anna Hendricks Receives Signal Honor at Pineville
  • Robertson, Charley. Roommates
  • Rice, Nakoma. A Silent Symphony
  • Purchase Towns Are Visited by Mr. Craig and Student Party
  • Tompkinsville Wipe Tourney
  • Highly Honored – W.H. Williams
  • Western Participates in Jackson Tourney
  • Hilltoppers Decisively Annihilate Racehorses to Win State Net Crown
  • Annual Staff Hastens Work on Yearbook
  • Three Toppers Named on State Honorary Quint


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