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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni News
  • Class & Club
  • Editorials
  • Exchange Tidbits
  • Lines & Spaces-
  • Personals
  • Society

This issue contains articles:

  • Seniors to Give ‘Spooks,’ Famed Mystery Drama
  • Former Student to Return – N.B. Holland
  • Dr. M.A. Leiper Presents Books to Museum
  • Murray Head Becomes W.O.W. Attorney – Rainey Wells
  • Gives Successful Program – B.E. Rippetoe
  • Girls Practice Basketball
  • Several from Here Attend College Meet – Association of Kentucky Colleges & Universities
  • Student’s Father Is Designing Engineer for X-Ray Company – Wilbur Werner
  • Accidently Shot – J.B. Cameron
  • Holiday Campaign Yields Valuable Kentucky Museum Gifts
  • Dickey, John. The College Man with Hoe
  • Mr. J.R. Whitmer Donates Two Rare Relics to Kentucky Museum
  • Thanksgiving Day Is Celebrated by Raymond Hornback in East
  • Kelly Thompson Opens Goal Post
  • Speaks at Lexington – Arndt Stickles
  • Teaches History – Lena Logan
  • Lowe Johnson Succumbs to Short Illness
  • County Presidents Have Recent Dinner
  • Former Geologist of State Speaks Here at Assembly – Willard Jillson
  • Our Distinguished Alumni – Foeman Rudd
  • Herald Advertisers Offer Bargains to Western Students
  • Three of Faculty Honored for Long Period of Service – Arndt Stickles, W.J. Craig, J.H.Clagett
  • Dramatic Club Scores Success in O’Neil Play – Beyond the Horizon
  • Father of Western Student Succumbs at Home in City – W.C. Morris
  • Juniors Prepare Play to Be Given at Chapel Meet - Frank Glynn’s WIfe
  • Makes Good in Illinois – A.L. Thomasson
  • Military Head Names Rifle Team for ’33 -
  • Classical Club Presents Style Show in Chanel
  • Goat Walk
  • More Philosophy
  • Robertson, Charley. At Parting
  • Robertson, Charley. Back Water
  • Wilson, Gladys. Mile De Villafranca
  • Taylor, Howard. Purchase Price
  • In Memoriam – Lowe Johnson
  • Beyond the Horizon
  • Western Literary Twins
  • The Profitable Resolution
  • Demunbrun, R.A.A Quarter Century of Service – Arndt Stickles, W.J. Craig, J.H. Clagett
  • Demunbrun, R.A. Quality or Quantity
  • Demunbrun, R.A. Education Pays
  • Crabb, A. L. Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot
  • Glenn Maxwell Speaks at City League Meeting
  • Attends Language Meet – L.B. Salomon
  • Thomas, John. The Final Test
  • Parsley, Hoyt. I Know What Living Means
  • Love Songs of an Absinthe Minded Professor
  • Sims, John. The Discoverer
  • Hilltoppers, Thorobreds Divide Two Game Series of Games on Murray Soil
  • Sims, John. If I Could
  • Toppers Netmen Initiate Season by Routing Union Bulldogs by 31-25 Score
  • Engineers of Tennessee Poly Hand Toppers First Defeat by Small Margin
  • Diddlemen Pile Up Huge Score in Middle Tenn. Fracas at Murfreesboro
  • Toppers Avenge Defeat Administered by Tenn. Tech with Victory Here
  • Fresh and Sophs Engage in Volleyball Tournament
  • Topper Netmen Decisively Win Practice Tilts
  • Eastern Maroons Removed From State Supremacy by Superior Western Machine
  • Brown, Claud. Letter from Alumnus


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