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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni News
  • Class & Club
  • Editorials
  • Exchange Tidbits
  • Lines & Spaces-
  • Personals
  • Society

This issue contains articles:

  • Passion Play Is Set for July 3
  • Louise Welch Is Given Founder’s Medal for 1933
  • Manual Arts Group Wins Favor for Its Exhibit on June 1
  • Senator Attends Reception – C.R. Franklin
  • W.R. Carson Heads Ohio County Schools
  • Presbyterian Head Delivers Sermon to Graduating Class – John Vander Meulen
  • Sam Martin Makes Perfect Score to Cop National Title
  • Mr. W.M. Willey Writes Article Published in June Magazine
  • Cadiz Seniors Visit Hill
  • Kentucky Museum Proves Attractive to Commencement Visitors
  • Our Distinguished Alumni – Raymond Vincent
  • Sutterfield, Susan. Pastureville Susie Is on Campus for 5 Hours
  • Armand Honaker Gets Appointment to West Point; Leaves Soon
  • Receives Law Degree – William Natcher
  • Pool Is Opened for Swimming at Night
  • Dr. J.H. Poteet Called Away
  • Registration High for Summer School
  • Dr. Gordon Wilson Is Author of Work Book
  • Miss Sue Bettersworth Is Selected to Attend National Style Show
  • Brother of Western Student Drowns in Local Hotel Pool – Doyle Eaton
  • Visits Here – Mrs. C.A. Phillips
  • Draffen, Ova. Questionnaire Submitted to Members of 1924 Class
  • Beauty Is Theme of Eminent Sculptor’s Address to Seniors – Loredo Taft
  • 38 Seniors Merit Mention on Honor List at Western
  • Mr. N. D. Bryant Is Heard at Princeton
  • Is Political Candidate – R.A. Demunbrun
  • Curry, D.P. Alumni President’s Message
  • Mason, Shelby. Summer School
  • Scholarship
  • Mason, Shelby. Day Coach Travelers
  • Parsley, Hoyt. The Brink of the Grave
  • Bushong, Corinne. Old Mulkey
  • Cruise, John. The Lone Tree
  • Cruise, John. The Cricket
  • Sims, John. Night Voices
  • Sims, John. June in Tennessee
  • Rice, Nakoma. Sea Gulls
  • Sims, John. Two Shades and a Hawg
  • Rice, Nakoma. Inspiration
  • Pearl, Quinn. My Little Book and Pen
  • Hilltop Ball Club Is Given Two Decisions over Lindsay-Wilson
  • Speaks to Barnes Seniors – Mervin Whipple
  • Visit Mammoth Cave
  • Glendale Alumni Organise
  • Faculty Party Camps
  • Honored at Kentucky Education Association
  • On Texas College Faculty – J.V. Cooke
  • Teaches at Murray – Forrest Pogue
  • To Head Language Department – C.L. Pell
  • Chester Travelstead Goes East to Launch Career in Dramatics
  • Alumnae of Potter College Elect Mrs. Reardon President
  • Goes to Frat Camp – W.M. Baker
  • Commencement Series – Arndt Stickles
  • Delivers Commencement Addresses – J.R. Whitmer, Robert Price, Lena Scott
  • George Wells Spends Vacation Here
  • Receives Scholarship – Lilyan Graham
  • Join College Tour – Virginia Houze
  • Roll of June Graduates
  • Addresses Brownsville Class – Arndt Stickles
  • Senior Ball Club Is Trounced by Faculty Batters
  • Dr. H.L. Donovan Gets Honorary Degree
  • Give Voice Recital – Mrs. Clyde Miller’s Students


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