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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni News
  • Class & Club
  • Editorials
  • Exchange Tidbits
  • Lines & Spaces-
  • Personals
  • Society

This issue contains articles:

  • Lorado Taft Slated to Deliver Address June 1 to Graduates
  • Alumni Luncheon Set for Noon on Thursday, June 1
  • Hearst Awards Given Riflemen
  • Press Association Has Spring Parley at Centre College
  • Former Instructor Is Critically Ill – John Coffin
  • Miss Clara Elledge Directs Chapel Music Program
  • First Graduating Class to Have Reunion on Hill – Class of 1908
  • Mad Bull Chases Bewildered Student – Eddie Daniels
  • Swimming Pool Opened for Use
  • Registration for Summer Announced
  • Judge R.C.P. Thomas Appointed to Panama Judicial Post
  • Boys Win Favor for Aesthetic Dancing in Clever Chapel Bill
  • History Instructor Given Scholarship – Forrest Pogue
  • Nelle Travelstead Visits Portland
  • Cornell Instructor Here – R.M. Stuart
  • Tomorrow Night Senior Banquet
  • Yearbooks Will Be Distributed First of Week
  • Archaeologist Tells of Interesting Finds, in Chapel Address – Fain King, Wickliffe Mounds
  • Play Production Class Gives Play. “I Will! I Won’t!”
  • Give Burlesque Style Show
  • Pearl, Quinn. Copyreader
  • Manual Arts Group Plans Large Display
  • Does Extension Work – W.M. Pearce
  • Flowers, Plants, and Bulbs Comprise Gifts to Garden – Kentucky Museum
  • Mother’s Day Finds 150 Mothers on Hill for Annual Program
  • Training High Finishes Term
  • Congress Club Presents Mock Trial at Greenwood
  • Mason, Shelby. Spelling
  • Mason, Shelby. The Pulitzer Prize Novel – The Store
  • Pearl, Quinn. Kentucky Intercollegiate Press Association
  • Mason, Shelby. Judge R.C. P. Thomas
  • Foley, Earl. The Importance of Art
  • Sims, John. A Dog’s Life
  • Rice, Nakoma. Thoughts
  • Hypocrite
  • Quartet Sings at Woodburn
  • Robertson, Charley. Vesper Songs
  • Sims, John. To Mother
  • Pearl, Quinn. My Alarm Clock
  • Pearl, Quinn. The Claim of Spring
  • Is Commencement Speaker – R.A. Demunbrun
  • Music Pupils Win Favor in Recital Here
  • ’Toppers Split Bill with Tennessee Polytechnic Institute
  • Varsity Track Men Lose to Louisville; Frosh are Winners
  • Mr. W.M. Willey Delivers Address
  • Bristow Seniors Visit Hill
  • Honor Late Mr. Lowe Johnson


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