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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni News
  • Chapel Calendar
  • Class & Club
  • Personals
  • Society
  • Trype

This issue contains articles:

  • Hill Sponsors Local Vespers during Summer
  • Astronomer Visits on Hill and Shows Novel Instruments – David Phillips
  • Two in Glee Club Are Identified
  • Article of Teacher Is Published – Margie Helm
  • Hodge, Mary. Booklet Gives Details of Training School Work
  • 823 Students Are Enrolled for This Term
  • Board of Regents Convenes on Hill
  • Article Appears – A.L. Crabb
  • Bo McMillan Will Conduct School Here in August
  • Nursery School Is Opened Here
  • Geography Class Will Make Tour of Eastern Kentucky
  • Western Student Wins Beauty Award – Lucille Farrell
  • 13 New School Men Are Grads
  • Alben Barkley Is to Make Address Here Aug. 17
  • Ten Brothers, All Former Students, Will Hold Reunion – Vincent Family
  • Kentucky Library Is Mecca for Many Graduate Students
  • Nine Seniors Escape Finals
  • Pastors Meet on Hill Today
  • Western Is Host to Large Group of School Men
  • Training School Boy Wins Award for Best Essay – Charles Smith
  • Two Years and Then? Vacations
  • Senator Alben Barkley
  • The Vesper Services
  • Advice to the Lovelorn
  • Jefferson County Club Has Party
  • Western Library Made Depository for Public Files
  • Angle, Rena. Old Piano Presented to Kentucky Museum
  • Sanders Sisters Are Featured on Radio Program
  • Former Student Dies – Martha Baker
  • Robertson, Charley. My America
  • Angle, Rena. Time: What It Is!
  • Men from School Give Addresses at County Meetings
  • French Club Has Annual Banquet
  • Make Trip Tomorrow
  • History Club Gives Dinner
  • Bowling Green Players Guild Presents One Act Plays at Snell Hall
  • Verse
  • Weldon, H.E. To an Old Settee
  • Hibbs, Joe. Thoughts from the Barnyard
  • Wilson, Effie. Aspiration
  • Mr. W.J. Edens Returns from Govt. Study in Western States
  • Former Students Graduate
  • Relief Work Will Continue in Fall
  • Young People of City Have Services on Hill
  • Obtains Three Degrees from This College – Fred Edwards
  • Wins Speakers’ Award – Norris Vincent, D.E. Wagner
  • Party Takes Trip to Great Smokies
  • Study by Dr. M.L. Billings Appears in Magazine
  • Senior Meeting Is Held July 5
  • Dr. and Mrs. Cherry Entertain
  • Carl Anderson Gives Opinion on 1934 Grid Prospects
  • Teacher in Old Normal School Dies on June 28 – W.E. Taylor
  • 265 Certificates Given to Penmen
  • Science Group Pays Respect to Memory of Former Teacher – Cloyd McAllister
  • University of Kentucky Man Addresses Student Body June 26 – James Martin
  • Civil Works Administration Report Is Announced
  • Ichthyology Class Takes Fishing Trip


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