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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni News
  • Athletics
  • Class & Club
  • Personals
  • Society
  • Sport-Shots

This issue contains articles:

  • Presidents of County Delegations Are Elected
  • Olga Randolph in Cast of “Holiday”
  • President Henry Cherry Reveals Calendar of Summer School
  • Social Studies Council Holds Meet Recently
  • Peace Menaced, Organizer Says – William Ackerman, Emergency Peace Campaign
  • Cantata to Be Presented by Choir Dec. 13
  • Sterrett Cuthbertson Made N.Y.A. Supervisor
  • Clarence Denman Lists “Boners” Given as Quiz Answer
  • Dave Kerr Conducts Net Clinic Friday on Local Floor
  • Books Borrowed from Library for Dorm Girls
  • Dean Finley Grise Attends Meet Richmond, Virginia
  • Kingery, Iris. Funds Sought in Completing Cherry Statue
  • Eighteen Take Pre-med Exam
  • Finley Grise Appointed – Educational Abstracts
  • Equipment Is Selected for New Building – Cherry Hall
  • William Spriegel to Speak Today
  • French Club Program
  • SIAA Net Tourney to Be Held Here March 4-6
  • Girls’ Sextette Gives Program
  • Girls Athletics
  • Respect for Toppers
  • T.H. Singleton Lectures
  • Girls Intramural Basketball
  • W Club Dance
  • Ray, Robert. Rubs at Random
  • Rural School Pupils Present Radio Program
  • History Teachers Attend Convention
  • Mary Englert Wins Prize
  • Rifle Practice
  • Afternoon Dances
  • Talisman Staff for ’37 Complete, Editor Announces
  • Frank Yarbrough Is Struck, Injured by Hit-and-Run Driver
  • Merryl Runner is Broadcast
  • Toppers Take Gifts to Games
  • Western Debate Squad Announced by Dr. Louis Salomon
  • Girls Hockey Tournament
  • Faculty, Former Students Talk at Geographic Meet
  • J.R. Whitmer’s Classes Have Poster Display
  • Horace McMurtry Accepts Nomination of National Education Association Finance Committee
  • Gordon Wilson Speaks
  • Lovett, John. Hilltoppers Take Tampa Spartans in Hand 23-20
  • Three Western Gridders Rate All-KIAC Team
  • College High Has Grid Fete
  • Girls Volleyball
  • Katy Hughes Pays Visit


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