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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni News
  • Athletics
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  • Personals
  • Society
  • Sports Shorts

This issue contains articles:

  • Teachers Hear Alben Barkley Oct. 16
  • James Smith Will Attend West Point
  • Physics Laboratories Moved
  • Co-ed Wins Equality after 100-Year Wait – Oberlin College
  • Cherry Statue Fund Passes Goal
  • Social Scientists Meet
  • President Paul Garrett Named College Heights Foundation Head
  • Three Concerts Cooperatively Sponsored Here
  • Radio Program Hour Changed
  • Resolutions on Dr. Henry Cherry’s Death Adopted
  • Social Studies Meet to Be Held Oct. 27
  • Trigg, Alvin. ‘Ice Bound’ to Be Presented
  • Biology Club Outing to Be Held Saturday at Mouth of Gaspar
  • Magazine to Print Work of ‘Unknowns’
  • Chimes to Be Installed in Tower of Cherry Hall
  • National Youth Administration Cut Leaves 180 on Payroll
  • L.Y. Lancaster to Speak on Game Fish at Conversation Meet
  • Reporter Finds Press Box Story Out-of-Date
  • Dads to Appear in Chapel Today
  • Seniors Stage Stormy Session
  • Sam Milner Gets Post on Kentucky Law Journal
  • Negotiations under Way for Chorus to Exchange Program
  • Dr. Bert R. Smith Proves Popular as Lecturer on Bible
  • 48,464 Volume Library on Hill
  • Dr. Gordon Wilson Receives Award of Academy of Science
  • Dr. Judson Griffin Studies Geological Survey
  • Plans Get Prexy’s OK – Sesquicentennial of Kentucky Constitution
  • Librarians Attend Meet
  • Twenty-five Apply for Membership in Pershing Rifle Team
  • E.H. Canon Made Lieutenant Governor of Kiwanians of Kentucky-Tennessee
  • Class Elections Held by Juniors October 14
  • Post Office Will Move
  • Waggoner, James. Kelly Thompson Elected Indians’ Vice President
  • Olympic Movie Draws 800 Fans
  • Teachers, Away on Leaves of Absence: Seek Higher Degrees
  • John Brown Made Baptist Student Union Treasurer
  • County Groups Meet
  • L. T. Smith to Attend Manual Arts Meet in Chicago, November 11
  • Judson Griffin Lectures on U. S. Constitution
  • Indians Tryout Diddlemen
  • Voters Are Not All, Candidate Learns
  • Art Exhibit Is in Cherry Hall
  • Mrs. Paul L. Garrett Undergoes Operation
  • Student Taken Home – Frances Wells
  • ROTC Assistant Installed – Frederic Finley
  • Navy Seeks Recruits at Local Substation
  • Dads to See Game Today
  • Campus-Wide Program Set – Women’s Athletic Association
  • Cadet Officers for ROTC Unit Chosen
  • Cheerleaders are Chosen by Students
  • Men to Play Intramurals
  • Frank Davis Honored
  • John Robenson Commands Cavalry
  • J.M. Guilliams Visits Hill
  • John Colle Wed


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