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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Alumni Flashes
  • Athletics
  • Club - Notes
  • Engagements – Weddings
  • Faculty Notes
  • Hilltopics
  • Looking Backward
  • Society – Personals
  • Sports Spotlight

This issue contains articles:

  • William Terry’s 1941 Slate Is Tough in Grid History
  • W.J. Craig Becomes Fishing Champ
  • Harrison, Lowell. Herald Finds Library Work Literally Killing Students
  • Hays, Franklin. A Message for All Western Alumni
  • Western’s Flying Course Postponed Senior Pictures Due for Talisman
  • Cards, Murray Face Toppers
  • Library Given 41 Rare Books
  • State Auditor Lauds Officials
  • Reid Sterrett Sets Oratorical Date
  • Lane, Chester. Reporter Says Musicals Are Good but Too Infrequent
  • Two Five Week Terms Slated for Summer
  • National Guard Calls Students
  • A Message for All Western Students
  • SIAA Tourney Returns to Hill
  • Frederic Whitaker, Modern Cellini, Opens Display Here
  • Dr. Arndt Stickles Is Kentucky League for British Victory Chairman
  • Geography Class Enjoys Day’s Outing at Kyrock
  • E.A. Diddle’s Adding Machine Coasts to win over Eastern
  • Diddlemen Yet to Taste Loss
  • Western Gym Is Scene of National Youth Administration Remodeling “Blitz”
  • Aerial Tactics Are Nothing New for Curly Pittman, Ed Rutledge
  • Scenes from “Our Town” Appear in Quarterly
  • John O’Connor Elected to Sigma Pi Sigma
  • Registrar’s Office Has Lost Articles
  • J. H. Lawrence Made Lieutenant Colonel
  • Toppers Take First SIAA Win
  • Ed Stansbury’s Article to Appear in Quarterly
  • Sonny Dunham and Orchestra to Play Here
  • Reports by Drs. Gordon Wilson, Bert Smith Are Published
  • Golden Gloves to Attract Students – Boxing
  • Annual Bird Census Is Taken


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