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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Hilltopics
  • Campus Chips of the Cadet Corps
  • Looking Backward
  • Society – Personals
  • Faculty Notes
  • Alumni Flashes
  • Music Notes
  • At the Capitol - Movies
  • Weddings - Engagements
  • Spikes, Cleats & Sneakers

This issue contains articles:

  • Hilltoppers Runners-Up in the Metropolitan National Meet
  • New High School Senior Day Plans Are Announced
  • Library Receives Danforth Grant
  • Services Planned During Easter
  • Madrigalians to Present Today’s Chapel Program
  • Searcy, John. Former Dean A.L. Crabb Re-creates Life of Old South in Recent Novel
  • Sophomore Hop Tonight
  • Talisman Authorities Tell of Highlights of ’41-42 Annual
  • Dr. Henry Cherry Among State’s Famed
  • Homecoming Celebration Planned for Return of Hilltoppers Monday
  • Band Concert to be Held April 12
  • Marshall, Florence. Roving Reporter Finds Coed at Lathe – Mary Berry
  • Ballinger, Mildred. Escape Rated High on List of Western Players Successes
  • Old Prophecy Gives Interesting View of Hill and Alumni in Year of 1956
  • Sisk, Mack. Dinsmore Nisbet Hasn’t Missed Chapel in Nine Years – Occupies Same Seat
  • Hammond, William. Remember Pearl Harbor
  • Battalion and Company Sponsors Elected by Officers Club
  • Col. J.L. Topmiller to Give Ogden Day Address April 6
  • Bert Rosenbaum Gets Wings
  • Defense Library Display Popular
  • Muscle Shoals Tour is Canceled for Duration
  • Stewart Dowlin in Air Corps
  • Varied Program Given at Monthly Recital, March 19
  • T.C. Cherry in Navy
  • Engineering Drawing Class to Start Soon
  • Robert Dwan and Earl Carmody are Now in Army Air Corps
  • College Aids Defense
  • Mammoth Cave, Smoky Mountain Tours Talked
  • George Grise Transferred
  • Observance of Mother’s Day to be Held May 8
  • Soap Sculpture Contest is Open to Westerners
  • Water Color Exhibit
  • Red Cross Needs Cancelled Stamps
  • Stamp and Bond Sales $878.45
  • Kentucky Museum Receives Gifts
  • Orators Attention
  • John Barnes in Air Corps
  • Edgar Rassinier Degree from Missouri School Mines
  • William Gordon is in Navigation Division of Air Corps
  • Clubs – Social Science, Arts & Crafts, History, Classical, Purchase Counties
  • Correction – ROTC Article
  • David Matthews Visits Campus
  • Eugene Barnett in Air Corps
  • Library Features Easter Reading
  • Press Meeting to be Held at Union
  • R.E. Hale Accepts New Post
  • Belmont Forsythe Transferred
  • 16 High Schools to Enter Music Meet Here April 11
  • Western Downs City College of New York 49 to 46 in First Round
  • Freitag, Bill. 18,000 People Witness Western’s Debut in Nation’s Sports Center
  • Seven Still Survive Handball Tournament
  • Stocking, John. The High-Pocket Hillbilly, Ray Blevins Creates Sensation in the Big City
  • Ralph Dudgeon in Navy as Physical Education Specialist
  • New York Tournament Delays Spring Sports
  • Wilbur Smith Returns to Active Army Service


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