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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Hilltopics
  • Campus Chips of the Cadet Corps
  • Looking Backward
  • Society – Personals
  • Faculty Notes
  • Music Morsels
  • Service Column
  • Weddings - Engagements
  • Spikes, Cleats & Sneakers
  • Daily Doings
  • On Our Western Front
  • Western Men – Missing in Action
  • At the Capitol

This issue contains articles:

  • Professor Roger Barbour Named Talisman Sponsor
  • Chorus Concert to be Presented at 3 P.M. Sunday
  • One Year After Pearl Harbor
  • ROTC Grads on Duty in All Parts of the World
  • Senior Class Asks for Suggestions on Memorial Gift
  • Former Student Ensign Stroud Dies in Crash – Orion Stroud
  • Senior ROTC Men May Leave for Army in March
  • M.L. Billings Heads USO Work
  • Harrison, Lowell. Many Campus Changes Made Since World War I
  • Goodman, Julian. Harold Logsdon Has Reason to Remember Pearl Harbor
  • Petty, Joe. Lieutenant Olan Ellsworth Commanded Western’s First ROTC Until in 1919; Unit Given Senior Status in 1935
  • Build for Tomorrow
  • Miss Sybil Stonecipher Should Get ‘E’ Flag for Knitting Production
  • Stamps-Foundation Stones
  • ‘Pearl Harbor’ Remembered in Chapel Program
  • War-Community Chest to Aid Our Friends Abroad
  • Freitag, Bill. Introducing-Jim Shrewsbury Western’s Junior Class Prexy
  • Christmas Gifts for Boys in Service Are Suggested
  • President Paul Garrett Named on Victory Corps Board
  • Band Elects Officers
  • Schrrens, Cyriel. Western Officers Club Presents 10th Military Ball – Jeane Payne
  • Kelly, Dorothy. Nation’s War Effort Aided Much by Varied Work of Western Women
  • 192 Student Are in One of Three Reserve Corps
  • Freitag, Bill. Herald Reporter Reveals Facts
  • Library Reports Affect of War on Reading
  • Local Welfare Project Shows Work of Mrs. Nelle Travelstead
  • ROTC Rifle Team Has Fired Six Matches to Date
  • Training School Damaged by Fire
  • Westerner Sent With Civic Group to Washington – Kelly Thompson
  • Ten Seniors Graduate at End of This Quarter
  • Mint Needs Idle Coins Hoarded in Small Banks
  • First Connect of Year Given by Western’s Band
  • Diaries of Service Men to be Kept in Kentucky Library
  • Data on Western Service Men is Being Compllied
  • Six New Courses Are Offered by Extension Department
  • Club Notes – History, French
  • Davis, Virginia. Col. Gordon R. Catts, Western’s PMS&T, Emphasizes Value of R.O.T.C. Training During Present Emergency
  • Campus Yields 36,000 Pounds of Scrap Metal
  • Independent Net Team Has Many Western Players
  • Peach, Margert. Three Westerners Have Fought Off Sharks in Order to Survive at Sea – Richard Eberenz, John Magda, Edgar Stansbury
  • Coach E.A. Diddle Speaks to Local Rotary Club
  • Toppers to Play Missouri Team Tonight
  • Diddlemen Open Net Season With 64-35 Victory
  • Whitaker, David. Many Western Athletes Have Joined Armed Services in First Year of War
  • Western Players Give Net Profit to USO
  • Repairs Are Made Around Swimming Pool
  • Dee Gibson is Ping Pong Champ
  • Fort Know Five Downed 53-26 by Hilltoppers
  • Student Tell of Varied Plans for Holiday Period
  • Four Students Leave – Martin Plessinger, Everett Rush, G.B.Redford, Bronco Shesto


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