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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. Regular features include:

  • Hilltopics
  • Looking Backward
  • Society – Personals
  • Faculty Notes
  • Alumni Flashes
  • Music Notes
  • At the Capitol - Movies
  • Weddings - Engagements
  • Spikes, Cleats & Sneakers
  • Daily Doings
  • Quotable Quotes
  • On the Western Front
  • The Service Column

This issue contains articles:

  • Program Announced for Third D.E.A.
  • Advanced ROTC Students Return to College Heights
  • Radio Message From Tokyo Tells of Lieut. Carlton H. Clark!
  • CharlesTaylor, J.R. Whitmer Will Speak to Alumni Groups
  • Don Newsom Named Business Manager
  • British Consul Chapel Speaker – Arthur Tandy
  • Dr. Bert Smith Has Article Published
  • Charles Taylor, Jr., Believed to be Prisoner of War
  • Former Western Athlete Killed in Action in Africa – Joseph Panepinto
  • Old Music Building Now Girls’ Dorm
  • Library Being Used by Army Specialized Training Program
  • J.P. Masters Gives Theatre Tickets to Registering Students
  • Warrant Officer George Head Tells of Escape From Corregidor
  • Daisy Pearce Stirn to Play Role in “Abie’s Irish Rose”
  • Bulletin – E.H. Canon
  • Searcy, John. Former Student Reviews Books by Dr. A.L. Crabb
  • Written to YOU
  • What a Letter Can Really Mean
  • Freshman Enrollment Began September 24
  • Staff and Faculty Changes, Leaves Are Announced
  • New Library Books Added to Catalog File
  • Staff Member Elected Kiwanis Lieut.-Governor – Kelly Thompson
  • Carroll Eaddy Receives Promotion
  • Rare Specimens Given Biology Department
  • School Masters Club Hold First Meeting
  • First Dance to be Tomorrow Night
  • Sydney Dalton Joins Music Department
  • Club Notes – Chemistry, French, Education Council, Studio, History
  • Major Dauris Carpenter Has Replaced Colonel Gordon Catts
  • Toppers Scheduled to Again Play in East
  • Miller, Marion. Football Steps Back for Duration
  • Western Alumni Elect Charles L. Taylor, President
  • An Hour at Chapel
  • Robert Fries Takes Place of Weldon Hart
  • Don’t Forget


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