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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Theme, Schedule Told for Homecoming Week
  • Porter, David. Group Declines to See the Future – Kentucky Council on Public Higher Education
  • Sale of Tickets Begins Monday
  • About 700 Freshmen Narrow Slate in Tuesday Primary
  • Vandalism . . . Strikes Down Rustic Bridge – Old Fort Bridge
  • Ten New Members Added Recently to Western’s Academic Council
  • TV Students Video Tape Grid Game
  • Chaney, Joanne. Rush Events Activate Greeks
  • Student Center to Host Events
  • Bennett, Ellen. Clubs Begin Fall Reorganization
  • Club News – Pershing Rifles, Phi Alpha Theta, Artists’ Guild, Kentucky Home Economics Association
  • Western Players Select Productions for Season
  • New Courses Added to Philosophy Department
  • Sigma Delta Pi Publishes Pamphlet on Job Opportunities
  • Vast Improvement Seen for 1967 Homecoming
  • Board Needed to Plan Events in Student Center
  • McAllister, Roy. Cites Performance
  • Coughlan, Jeremiah. Congratulates Freshmen
  • Veal, Molloy. Seeks More Televisions
  • Lawson, Sam. Three Delightful Issues
  • Williams, Barry. Wants More Activity
  • Conway, Teresa. Requests More Light
  • Honors System Must Expand
  • Lawrence, Ron. Dr. Buckminster Fuller Brings Varied Background to Lecture Series
  • Jesse Stuart Sends Speech to Library
  • Hunt, Gary. Nomad Wonders as He Wanders – Yamu Anabib
  • Burris, Dennis. Western Teacher Forced to Flee Nigerian City – John Snaden
  • Bennett, Ellen & Joanne Chaney. Proper Attire Noted for Campus Functions
  • Library’s Art Room Houses Patrick Smith Collection
  • Computer Center to Facilitate Student Checks
  • Stuart, Norah. Sigma Chi Housemother – Mother Mom and Fulltime Student – Edith Roberts
  • Dr. Mabel Anderson Observes Education in New York
  • Dr. Raymond Cravens Makes Survey of Jr. College
  • Honors Club Makes Plans
  • Former Teacher, Miss Elizabeth Woods, Dies at 102
  • American Association of University Professors Meets; Selects Head
  • Chamber Group Concert Slated Next Thursday
  • Girls Drill Team, Rebelettes Announces ’67-’68 Squad
  • Leonard Baskin Art on Display in Gallery
  • 26 High School Bands to Perform Saturday
  • Third District Education Association Convenes Today
  • Library Sets Hours Policy
  • Dorm Council Selects Officers
  • New Bill Means More Benefits for Veterans
  • Potter, Jerry. Darrell Myers Paces Harriers to 3rd Place Finish
  • McDaniel, Mike. Tom Atwood Boots Tops Past Bucs as Defense Shines in 6-3 Win
  • Many Students Lack Basic Physical Education Skills
  • Pugh, Wink. Swim Club Begins Preparations for First Intercollegiate Meets
  • Quarterback Johnny Vance Has Surgery
  • Potter, Jerry. Dickie Moore Destroying Topper Career Marks
  • Three Named to Intramural Board; Football to Begin Monday
  • Just, Paul. Physical Education Teachers Know Business Bloody Well


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