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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Miss Carmen Willoughby Named Top Scholar
  • Soul Concert Tonight Stars Wilson Pickett
  • Korb, Carolyn. Alumni Group to Present Cash Stipend to Scholar
  • WKU Receives Grants for Summer Institutes
  • Protest Fails as Students Chant Carols
  • Zeh, John. Future for Education Unclear
  • Outstanding Cadet Named for ROTC – Edwin Phelps
  • Chaney, Joanne & Ron Neafus. Journalist of Varied Talents, Jerry Drury Directs Circulation
  • Turner, Charlene. Vietnam Discussion Set for International Club
  • Club News – Geography & Geology, Alpha Kappa Psi, Baptist Student Union, Alpha Kappa Omega, Alpha Phi Omega
  • Chaney, Joanne. Greek News
  • Collegians to Express Choice in Spring Presidential Vote
  • Faculty House Gets Face-lift – Cedar House
  • Students’ Learning Depends on Faculty
  • Whitaker, Dave. The Making of a University
  • Protesters Don’t Deserve Louis Hershey Fate
  • Williams, Barry. Thanks to Western
  • Schuhmann, Paul. Kudos Opera Theater
  • Gold, Joanne. Says Dorms Deserve Water
  • Baker, Mike. Wants WESTERN on Water Tower
  • Orators Prepare for Contests
  • White, Alana. Linnea Smith as Anastasia Faces Tests Jan. 11-13
  • Livestock Team Rates in Judging
  • Language Professors to Attend Meeting
  • McDaniel, Mike. John Oldham Takes Heart, Hopes to San Francisco in Search of National Ranking Again
  • Western Taps Top Aide to Guide Grid Future
  • WKU Swimmers Finish Third
  • McDaniel, Mike. William Was An Unusual Boy
  • Dickie Moore Captures Small College Rushing Title
  • Wayne Chapman, Butch Kaufman Van Tops
  • Potter, Jerry. Two Decisive Victories Brighten Freshmen Future
  • Sigma Chi Tankers Win First Intramural Swimming Meet
  • Western Signs Three Gridders
  • Just, Paul. Hilltopper Junior Won Prize for Tobacco Auctioneering – Rich Hendrick Glowacki, Joe. The Truest Happiness


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