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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Benningfield, Ron. WKU Voters Give Nunn Easy Victory Ward
  • Ward Favors Student on Board of Regents
  • Four Tops Concert Billed Here Tuesday
  • Hunt, Gary. Henry Ward Favors Student on Board of Regents
  • Religious Groups Plan Peace Vigil
  • Curtain Rises on Operas at 8:15 Tonight, Tomorrow Associated Student Government Sponsors Dance Friday
  • Chaney, Joanne. Sigma Chi’s Derby Ends Saturday
  • Dr. Cleo Dawson to Lecture
  • Clear Code Needed for Student Rights
  • Herald Policy Again Reviewed
  • Groups Need Opportunity for Money-Making Events
  • Bouton, Betty. Parade Noise Overwhelms
  • Jensen, Randi. Berates Souvenir Seekers
  • Decker, Anne. Urges Vietnam Analysis
  • French, Suse. Says Americans Want Evidence - Vietnam
  • Saltman, David. America’s Vietnam Policy Opposed Abroad and in U.S.
  • Plans Readied for Ugly Man on Campus Voting
  • Debate Tournament Begins Today at Emory University
  • Alley Plays Now, Then
  • Western to Host Drama Clinic
  • Choir to Present Concert
  • McDaniel, Mike. Do the Raiders Have Senioritis? Nick Denes Thinks So
  • Potter, J.L. Western Invitational Saturday; Toppers Unbeaten in Duel Meets
  • Toppers Beat Eagles; Jim Vorhees Scores 18
  • McDaniel, Mike. Quality Officials – Intramural Answer
  • McAllister, Roy. Phi Delta Theta, Sigma Nu, Roadrunners Dominate Intramural Football Activity
  • Faculty Volleyball Team Formed


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