WKU Sociology

Publication Date

Spring 1969


Table of Contents:

  • Ahsan, S. Reza. The Ecological Distribution of the Elderly in the Florida Counties
  • Albrecht, Ruth E. Pre-Retirement Training in the United States
  • Beard, Belle Boone. Longevity & Fertility: A Study of Centenarians
  • Ellison, David L. Will to Live: A Link Between Social Structure & Health Among the Elderly
  • Gray, Robert M. & Josephine M. Kasteler. An Investigation of the Effects of the Involuntary Relocation on the Health of Older Persons
  • Guemple, D. Lee. Human Resource Management: The Dilemma of the Aging Eskimo
  • Harper, D. Wood Jr. & Joseph M. Garza. Ethnicity, Family Generational Structure & Intergenerational Solidarity
  • Harris, Charles S. Occupational Correlates of Associational Participation
  • Jackson, Jacquelyne Johnson. Social Gerontology & the Negro: A Review
  • McKinney, John C. The Self & Social Structure
  • Payne, Raymond, Frank E. Gibson & Barbara B. Pittard. Social Influences in Senile Psychosis
  • Shanas, Ethel. The Family & the Aged in Western Societies
  • Koller, Marvin. Book Review of Elaine Cumming & William E. Henry’s Growing Old: The Process of Disengagement
  • Youmans, E. Grant. Book Review of Minna Field’s Aging with Honor & Dignity
  • Schulz, James H. Book Review of Juanita M. Kreps’ Employment, Income & Retirement Problems of the Aged
  • Kalab, Kathleen. Book Review of John C. McKinney & Frank T. DeVyver’s Aging & Social Policy
  • Bertrand, Alvin L. Book Review of Ethel Shanas & Gordon F. Streib’s Family Intergenerational Relations & Social Structure
  • Lipman, Aaron. Book Review of Ethel Shanas & Associates’ Old People in Three Industrial Societies
  • Simms, J. Carrol. Book Review of Ida Harper Simpson & John C. McKinney’s Social Aspect of Aging
  • Alleger, Daniel E. Book Review of E. Grant Youmans’ Older Rural Americans


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