WKU Sociology

Publication Date

Spring 1971


Table of Contents:

  • Cogswell, Betty E. Communication with Adolescents: A Study of Sex Information Sessions
  • Dickinson, George E. Sex Information Sources of Black & White Adolescents in a Southern Community
  • Huth, Mary Jo. Drug Abuse & American Youth
  • Levin, Martin L. Intra-Familial Patterns of Political Socialization: The Model of Male Dominance Re-examined
  • Newman, John J. & Martin L. Levin. Patterns of Agreement Between Adolescents & Their Parents on Adolescent Rules
  • Schwartz, Michael. Education & Adolescent Adjustment
  • Wilkinson, Doris Y. Racial Beliefs of White Adolescents: An Exploratory Inquiry
  • Wells, J. Gipson. A Selected Bibliography on the Sociology of Adolescence


American Politics | Communication | Family, Life Course, and Society | Gender and Sexuality | History | Interpersonal and Small Group Communication | Political Science | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Social History | Sociology