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Issue mis-numbered, should be Vol. 49, No. 7.


WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Neumayer, Rick. Balloting in Four Races Now Underway
  • Rally in Old Stadium to Top Vietnam Moratorium Activity
  • Neumayer, Rick. Concessions Cited in End of Boycott
  • Louie Nunn to Visit City Today
  • Harris, Mike. Homecoming Plans Run Gamut
  • Carly Lahusen to Lecture Harris, Mike. Undubbed Music is John Hartford’s Thing
  • Cossacks to Perform in Concert Thursday – General Platoff Don Cossack Chorus
  • War Economics Talks Slated
  • Psychology Club to Meet
  • Cinema Guild to Present Two Film Classics
  • Tucker, Bruce. The Executioner’s Face is Always Well Hidden
  • Falkenburg, Charles. Vietnam Vet Speaks
  • Cunningham, Charles. A Word to the Wise
  • Vietnam Moratorium Committee. WKU Student Call
  • Patterson, Tom. Western Slips Past Huskies, 14-12
  • Fallin, Mike. Contact Pure Joy for Toppers’ Lawrence Brame
  • Potter, Jerry. Hector Ortiz Outstanding; Harriers Cop Second


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