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Issue is mis-numbered, should be Vol. 49, No. 6.


WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Wilkerson, Larry. Victor Lopez, Kelly Byrd to Clash in Frosh Presidential Race
  • Vietnam Moratorium Builds at State Schools
  • Campus Lovelies Vie for Queen Title
  • Who’s Who?
  • Greeks Lose Support of 11 Organizations
  • Absentee Ballot Deadlines Set for County Elections
  • Connelly, Linda. Whitney Young, NBC’s Irving Levine Join Lecture Bill
  • TV Variety Show Set
  • Western Studies Pass-Fail Grading for Student-Teacher Evaluation
  • Greeks On Way Out at Western?
  • Viet Stand is Mature
  • Lecture Series May Improve
  • Ward, Ben. On Second Thought – Alpha Kappa Psi
  • Morse, Michael. Wants Vibrations
  • Western Vietnam Moratorium Committee. Un-Anonymous
  • Lyne, John. Festivals Pave Road to Love
  • State Auditor Relates Office Duties to Young Republicans – Jim Thompson
  • McDaniel, Mike. Oct. 15 Proposes Peaceful Conquest
  • Conrad, Peggy. Western Fraternities Pledge 120 Men for All Semester
  • Fitch, Rick. Universities Brace for Student Moves
  • Dr. James Wittman Edits Book
  • High School Bands to Play
  • Louie Nunn Proposes Tax Cut
  • Activity Almanac
  • Hunton, Marsha. Montreal Agrees with Girls – Deborah O’Keefe, Fredericka Williams
  • Library Club to Organize
  • Patterson, Tom. Tops Seek First Win Against Huskies
  • Potter, Jerry. Hector Ortiz, Darrell Myers and Company to Compete in Atlanta Race
  • Patterson, Tom. The Great Challenge or Sweating It Out
  • Mason, Bill. Saturdays Become Easter for Bill Jelly Bean Green
  • Harriers Head South
  • Fallin, Mike. Former Topper Star Coaching Receivers – Lee Murray
  • WKU Coed Takes 1st in Daily Meet – Sharon Gibson
  • Driving Course Set by Physical Education Department
  • International Club to Advise Foreign Students


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