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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Neumayer, Rick. Unique “Mame’ Run Continues
  • Poets Plan Conclave Tomorrow
  • S.L.A. Marshall Calls Bombing Halt Greatest Error by A President
  • Tokenism and Timidity: Academic Council Delays Action Without Student Opposition
  • Genesis II Set Tonight – Cinema Guild
  • Dr. Marvin Russell Watches Apollo Launching
  • Chi Omega Bills Nonsense Tuesday in Ballroom
  • Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity Hosts Parents
  • Seniors Need to Complete Requirements
  • Annual Turkey Shoot Scheduled Next Week
  • Peaceful Dissent Should Continue
  • Gen. Marshall Epitomizes Dr. Strangelove Image
  • Culture Abounds on Campus
  • Tate, Boyce & Marvin Bond. Technocrats Reply
  • Hampton, Henry. Concert Invitation
  • McDaniel, Mike. Ban Nasties for Morality
  • Lyne, John. University Parenthood Proves Unreasonable, Inconsistent
  • Fitch, Rick. Individual Freedom Offers Hard Ride?
  • Harris, Mike. Debaters to Compete in Georgia; University of Kentucky Cops Tourney
  • Kenneth Bohannon Wins Taff Award
  • Connelly, Linda. Little Anthony Wows Enthusiastic Audience
  • Gemini 15 Group to Appear On TV
  • Deadline Tomorrow for Ogden Contest
  • Harris, Mike. Former Professional Gridder Calling Baptist Student Union Signals – Tony Romeo
  • Potter, Jerry. Ohio Valley Conference Cross Country Crown to be Decided at Western Kentucky University
  • Toppers Head North to Challenge Akron
  • Patterson, Tom. National Record Holder Adds Poise, Beauty to Rifle Team – Sue Lauston
  • Sims, Roy. Topper Roundballers Getting Ready for Opener with Eastern Michigan
  • Soccer Club Plays Today
  • Fallin, Mike. Towers, Outcasts Cop Titles Delta Tau Delta, Sigma Chi Duel Monday


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