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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Hightower, Paul. General Education Requirements May Change for Fall Semester
  • Counseling Services Undergo Evaluation
  • Improvements Planned for Lower Campus Streets
  • Carlisle, Dolly. Mardi Gras Festivities Draw Students from Class
  • Slinker, Pandora. Black Studies
  • Western Students Manufacture Sports Equipment by Computer
  • Spotlights Reset for April 9-10
  • The Visit Tryouts Slated Next Week
  • What’s Happening
  • Faculty Evaluation Shouldn’t Be a Joke
  • Many College Graduates Find Home in Infantry
  • Glass, Reginald. Charges Discrimination
  • Guyn, Bill. Wants Word Sooner – Snow
  • Filing Deadline Should Be Met
  • Hoppe, Arthur. Forward, Troop, to Victory
  • Pointers Given for Completing Job Applications
  • Psychology Students Need Experiment Volunteers
  • Patterson, Tom. Drug Use is Widespread in Pro Ranks Says Topper Former Coach Tom Ecker . . . WKU Uses Drugs for Ailing
  • Witt, Travis. Toppers Take Road Trip as Loop Race Intensifies
  • Patterson, Tom. Swimmers Close Out Regular Season Here Tomorrow
  • Shooters Vying for Top Honors – Rifle Team
  • Hughes, Lynna. Financial Aid Available for Students Planning Criminal Justice Careers
  • Cramer, Jackie. Archaeology Class Studies Warren County Indian Culture
  • Bernadette Devlin Lecture Slated Friday
  • Kirby, Phil Intramural Races Tighten


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