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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Todd, Tom. New Associated Student Congress Leaders Air Major Issues Give Clues on What to Expect in Fall
  • Slinker, Pandora. Three Dorms to Have Self-Regulated Hours – West Hall, North Hall, Gilbert Hall
  • Refrigerators to Be Allowed in Dorm Rooms
  • Greeks Begin Festivities Tomorrow
  • Art Linkletter Speaks Tonight
  • Faculty Regent Ballots Distributed
  • Band, Brass Choir Concert Set
  • Pat Long Wins Robinson Oratorical Contest
  • Ralph, Mason. Crying with Erich
  • Ralph, Mason. Talented Artists, Not Ego Trippers Express Themselves at Catacombs
  • Critic’s Critics Aren’t Pros Either – HMS Pinafore
  • Kentucky Kernel Liberation Following Trend
  • Daubert, Thomas. Opposes Draft Deferment Abolition
  • Learn Now-Pay Later Plans Will Be Scrutinized
  • Hoppe, Arthur. Asian Ping-Pong War Looms
  • Buster, Bob. Citizens May Sue State – Strip Mining
  • Patterson, Tom. Tops Split Doubleheader with Tennessee Tech University
  • Patterson, Tom. Recruiting Program Suffers Without Basketball Coach
  • Witt, Travis. Tennis Team Drops Wildcats Second Time This Season
  • Witt, Travis. Track Team in Tri-Meet; Indiana, Minnesota Supple Tough Opposition


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