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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Weaver, Kim. Associated Students Joins Student Association
  • Ayers, Elaine. Youths Take to Jesus Movement
  • Change in Senior Picture Policy
  • Married Student Housing Set to Open Summer ‘72
  • Ralph, Mason. Western Coed is Studying Edgar Cayce’s Clairvoyant Works – Linda Skaggs
  • Ralph, Mason. Folk Rock vs Steel Band in Thursday Concert
  • Air Force to Invade Western Kentucky University
  • California Decision Favors Young Voters
  • Jackson, Rogers. Black Representation in the College Heights Herald
  • Mitchell, Phyllis. Black Representation in the College Heights Herald
  • Teacher Evaluation Revamp Planned
  • 27th Floor of Pearce-Ford Tower Shows It Like It Really Is
  • Lucas, John. Western Prepares for Baby Bust
  • Phi Delta Theta Gain Approval for House
  • Cantrell, Etta. Around Campus, Versatility is the Word – Fashion
  • Shoes Will Run High and Low This Semester
  • Sutherland, David. Men at Work – Ivan Wilson Hall
  • Student Chapter Kentucky Civil Liberties Union Promotes People Power
  • Women’s Political Caucus to Meet Later This Week
  • Sutherland, David. Cross Country Season Opens . . . and the Grasshoppers Were Jumping
  • Potter, Jerry. Tops Polish for Debut
  • Peckenpaugh, Leo. Peckenpaugh Sold on Topper Defense
  • Numbers to Watch – John Embree, Clarence Jackson
  • Cheerleaders Get More Time
  • Black Election Set Today – Black Student Union


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