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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Hugh Campbell Freshman President, Amendment Passes Easily
  • Academic Council Posts at Stake
  • Cooke, Jim. Cheerleader Candidates Selected
  • Mini Concert Set Tonight
  • Correspondent Eric Sevareid Predicts Richard Nixon Will Be One-Term President
  • Cantrell, Etta. Class of 1971 Out of Work
  • Entrants Must File for Homecoming Parade by Oct. 4
  • Military Science Taps Distinguished Students
  • Student Deprives Himself by Not Attending Lectures
  • University Should Offer Option for Part-Timers
  • MacFarland, Thomas. Wants Radio Station
  • Jacobs, Stephen. Disagrees with Benjamin Spock
  • Merrill, Bonnie. Uselessness College Offers B.B.A.
  • Hoppe, Arthur. All New Army; Sun ‘n Fun at Miami Beach Outpost
  • Ralph, Mason. All that Glitters is Elliott Gould
  • Ralph, Mason. Music Buffs Share Enthusiasm for New Leader Growing Symphony – Leon Gregorian
  • Wright, Jim. Rock Music’s Obituary Premature
  • Two Pails of Water is Fetching Children’s Comedy
  • Musical Set for Monday – Schubert Cycle
  • Paducah Senior Wins Miss Three-Alarm Crown – Melody Jones
  • Downing University Center Board Announced
  • Cramer, Jackie. Guest House, Alias ‘Pest House,’ Razed; Memorizes Still Remain
  • Red Towel Day is Tomorrow
  • Hanley, Alicia. Fall Fashion Separate Hardware from Nowhere; Separates In
  • Music Department Plans Recital
  • Potter College, Ogden College Plan Lectures
  • Film Medium Alters Freshman Curriculum
  • Hurley, Jean. J.T. Sandefur Now Dean of Graduate School
  • Potter, Jerry. Toppers Face Test When Bucs Invade – East Tennessee State University
  • Wedding, George. Flag Football Moves Into High Gear as Sigma Nu, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 13er’s Win
  • Harriers Face Southeast Missouri State University, Memphis State University
  • Potter, Jerry. Ole Miss-Alabama Tilt Brings Back Some Old Memories
  • Women’s Recreation Association Replaces Officers with Intramural Council
  • Deadlines Set for Intramural
  • Tops Draw Maryland Terrapins in Tournament
  • Intramural Programs Offered to Faculty
  • Woodson, Anni. Tow, Tow, Tow Your Car – Parking
  • Drugs Called ‘Self-Pollution’


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