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WKU campus newspaper reporting campus, athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky news. This issue contains articles:

  • Pence, Carter. Toppers Host Middle Tennessee State University in 43rd Homecoming
  • Fletcher, Barry. First WKU Homecoming Observed Nov. 5, 1927
  • Groves, Cindy. Students Centers Have Always Stressed Hospitality
  • Madison, Stephanie. Homecoming Has Lot to Offer
  • Hayes, Judy. Early Catalog’s Worry: School’s Moral Safety
  • Register, Mona. College Newspaper Traces Development of Homecoming
  • Turner, Tom. Nipped: Guy Newcom Remembers 1950 Tilt
  • Clayton, Craig & Dennis Tomek. Jimmy Feix aka Botts and Butch Gilbert Team Up to Defeat Maroons
  • Watson, Brad. Beanies Are Freshmen
  • Hilltoppers Quartet Revive Melodies Gone By
  • Motsinger, Mary. The Goal Post a Place Where the Times Haven’t Changed
  • Gibson, Scott. Greek Homecoming Role Expands with the Years
  • Griesch, Jim. Veterans on Campus Begins with Post WWII Scholars
  • Pence, Carter & Steven Russell. Voting Discrepancy Causes Special Election
  • Bulletin – Homecoming Queen Demonstration
  • Absentee Ballot Deadline Set 6 P.M. Tuesday
  • Fred Price Says Committee Will Investigate Election
  • Rabold, Cindy. Teacher Value of History – Francis Thompson
  • Rabold, Cindy. Honors Program Funded
  • Only Times Change
  • Johnson, Roger. Says Polled Out
  • Nevitt, Marcia. Says Think Before Voting
  • Gover, Judy. Says George McGovern is Mouthful
  • Miller, Roger. He’s Solid Democrat Man
  • McClanahan, Stephen. Says Nix on Richard Nixon
  • Bernard, Stephen. Questions Procedure
  • Doves Seem Hawkish
  • Johnston, Scott. Pat Paulsen Proves Politics is Fun
  • Spinks, Martha. With Art Around Nothing is Junk – Tate Page
  • French Film Set Her Next Week
  • Ayers, Elaine. William Bartley Blasts State, National Politics
  • Departments Plan Open Houses
  • Lucas, John. Frank Trager Outlines Richard Nixon Doctrine
  • Richart, Harry. Walter Nalbach Began Teaching as a Sophomore
  • Western Forensic Union Competes in Tournaments
  • Puppets to Portray Knight of Lamancha
  • Rogers, Richard. The Little White Ball: Improvement, Tournament Wins Are Goals of Table Tennis Buffs
  • What’s Happening
  • Lawrence, Fred. ROTC: Veterans ‘Re-Enlist’ to Enjoy Benefits
  • Scabbard & Blade Names Pledge Class
  • Davis, Nancy. Researcher is Involved – Hart Nelsen
  • Reception Set at 4 PM Today
  • College Heights Foundation Honors Top Contributors to Fund
  • Ogden College to Sponsor Seminar Beginning Thursday
  • Peckenpaugh, Leo. Jimmy Feix-Led ’52 Toppers Scored and Scored on Way to First Ohio Valley Conference Title
  • Jerry Bean Sees Best Field Ever
  • Schooley, Skip. Red Hot Seer Picks Western, Tennessee Tech to Please Old Grads
  • Mears, Gary. Gary Mears Puts Readers in the Players Shoes as Toppers Prepare for the Opposition
  • Rifle Team Outshoots Morehead State University
  • Lawrence, Fred. Can Tops Win Cross-Country Title?


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