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WKU Campus Newspaper Reporting Campus, Athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky News. This issue contains articles:

  • Sutherland, David. Associated Student Congress Lecture Bill William Kunstler, Bernadette Devlin
  • Hightower, Paul. Congress Plans New Constitution
  • Athelstan Spilhaus to Speak Here Tuesday
  • Blue Law Again Problem for Stores
  • Marine Band Plans Concert Here
  • Rehearsals Start for ‘The End’
  • Chemist to Lecture on Drugs, Effects – Michael Ogliaruso
  • Wright, Jerry. Government Professor Selected Outstanding Western Researcher – George Masannat
  • Cheerleader Clinic Slated for Tomorrow
  • How Necessary Are ‘Work of Necessity’?
  • Lawis, Lynetta. Issue Needs Backing – Academic Advising
  • Catlett, Mrs. Reginald. Agrees with Graduation
  • Supreme Court is Playing a Major Role in Draft Reforms
  • Hearion, Ernie. Fate and Destiny of Nation Depends on Youth: Dick Gregory
  • Joint Recital Slated Sunday
  • Hoppe, Arthur. Mr. Spiro Agnew - The Greatest Vote Getter in the Nation
  • Gridders Face Middle Tennessee State University in Loop Encounter
  • Patterson, Tom. Ohio Valley Conference Big Time? Bill Peck Thinks So
  • Patterson, Tom. For Bill Muller, Success in Football Us Just a Matter of Staying Healthy
  • Potter, Jerry. Morehead Favored as Toppers Defend Federation Title
  • Patterson, John. Eliot Ness Still Ridding Chicago of Booze as Argo Ratings Keep Plugging Along


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