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WKU Campus Newspaper Reporting Campus, Athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky News. This issue contains articles:

  • Sutherland, David. Dero Downing Greets New Westerners
  • Morris, Richard. Regents Okay Eight Students as Academic Council Members
  • Lecture Series to Offer TV Personality, Ecologists
  • Hearion, Ernie. Regents Appoint Two New Vice Presidents – Harry Largen, John Minton
  • Buildings Behind Schedule – Pearce-Ford Tower
  • Women’s Liberation: Freedom Or Folly?
  • Volunteer Army Needed as Draft Law Death Nears
  • Regents Open Doors to Student Expression in Academics Council
  • A Time for Protest – but Who’s Protesting?
  • Hearion, Ernie. Women Suffer Because of Worm in Apple
  • Smith, Don. Another College Year Just a Weekend Away
  • ‘Twelfth Night’ Tryouts Scheduled
  • Teacher Evaluation Results to Be Finished in October
  • Patterson, Tom. Veteran Defense Must Shoulder Load
  • Patterson, Tom. John Oldham Nurtures a Garden, a Family and . . . Wow, What a Basketball Team
  • Patterson, Tom. Western Apprehensive of the Unconquerable Monster - Football
  • Patterson, Tom. A ‘Pat’ of Luck and Bertha; Highlights to a Season Premiere


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