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WKU Campus Newspaper Reporting Campus, Athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky News. This issue contains articles:

  • Morris, Richard. Filing Deadline Set Sept. 15 for Academic Council Seats
  • Hanes, Clark. Dorm Occupy Soars to a Record 100.5%
  • Former Head of P.E. Department, Dr. William Solley, Dies at 48
  • Sutherland, David. Associated Student Congress to Propose Student Code
  • Veterans Eligible for Tutorial Aid
  • Coeds Selected for Silver Girls Dorm Occupancy
  • Western Players Plans Open House
  • Sutherland, David. Practicing to Beat the Band
  • Leap Now—Look Later Pulls Sororities ‘Offside’
  • Loss of Public Confidence Poses Big Threat to Colleges
  • Herald Letter Policy Reviewed
  • Survey Finds New Left Disintegrating on Campuses
  • Smith, Don. Wartime Stereotypes Never Die – They Just Painfully Fake Away
  • Book Swapping Service Slated to End Tomorrow
  • ‘Blow-Up’ to Highlight Fall Cinema Guild Fare
  • Herald Wins A-Plus Rating; Publications Officers Move
  • Ivan Wilson Center Work Begins
  • Patterson, Tom. Footballers Hold First Full-Scale Scrimmage
  • Potter, Jerry. Burch Oglesby Welcomes Four Veterans as Cross-Country Practice Begins
  • Numbers to Watch – Bill Sykes, Jay Davis, Jim Barber, Bill Hape
  • Patterson, Tom. Success (University of Kentucky) and Glory (John Ray) –Just a Winning Season Away
  • Potter, Jerry. The Big Red Machine’s Supercharger – Lawrence Brame
  • Miss Kay Jones Heads Nursing Association
  • Intramural Flag Football Meeting Scheduled


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