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WKU Campus Newspaper Reporting Campus, Athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky News. This issue contains articles:

  • Hanes, Clark. Double Duty Awaits Academic Council Newcomers
  • Herald Staff is Completed with Naming of 11 to Posts
  • City Government Hassle Continues
  • Teachers Learn ABC’s of Drug at Workshop
  • Associated Students Committees Listed
  • Membership Open in Cinema Guild
  • Campus Clubs Begin Year’s Activities
  • Magazine Editor to Address Librarians – Mary Johnson
  • Louie Nunn’s Write Way May Be Wrong Way
  • Challenge to Bowling Green High School ROTC Makes Sense
  • Code Overhaul is No Undercover Job
  • Smith, Don. Today’s Man Roughing It: Just ‘Turn on’ to the Tube
  • Thieves Hit Western Towers
  • Health Facility Expands Service
  • Volunteer Work Needed for Tutorial Program
  • Westport Citizens for Peace. Plans Christmas Boycott
  • William Pierce Tapped to Head Western’s ROTC Brigade
  • Education Library Announces Hours
  • Morse, Mike & Jeanne Jackson. The Shape of Things – Art
  • Student Faces Drug Charge – Richard Meek
  • Potter, Jerry. Burch Oglesby Sends Harriers Against Cumberland
  • Freshmen Speedsters Help Jimmy Feix Add Zip to Topper Ground Game
  • Patterson, Tom. Inspiration, Not Despair, Lies Ahead for Soccer Club
  • Women’s Recreation Association Tennis Play Begins
  • Numbers to Watch – Nat Northington, Jerry Harris, Tom Turner, Sam Pearson, Lawrence Brame, John Brizendine
  • Swimmers Seriously Injured
  • Recreation Hours Set; Intramural Bowling to Begin Monday


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