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WKU Campus Newspaper Reporting Campus, Athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky News. This issue contains articles:

  • Sutherland, David. Curfew Abolition Doubtful This Year
  • Thomas, Kaye. Anticipation to End Friday – Downing University Center
  • Associated Student Congress Resolution Re: Curfew
  • Slinker, Pandora. Concert Tonight Signals Beginning of Last Season
  • Madison, Stephanie. Fashions Reflect Individuality
  • Chemist Tires to Pour Oil on Pollution’s Troubled Waters – Charles McCaffree
  • Associated Student Congress to Show Films for Halloween
  • Bloodmobile to Visit Western on Thursday
  • Curfew Obsolete; Action is Needed
  • Tucker, Bruce. Calls Herald Inhuman – Kent State
  • Ellis, Glen. Commends Firm Stand – Kent State
  • Gordon, David. Agrees with Conservatism – Kent State
  • Tichenor, Steve. Rejects Herald’s View – Kent State
  • Stevens, Tina. Opposes Dissenters’ Deaths – Kent State
  • Smith, Don. BYOB (Buy Your Own Bomber)
  • Hoppe, Arthur. Ban Bomb Banner Business Booming
  • Kappa Sigma Slave Auction Slated for 2 P.M. Thursday
  • Moore, John. Deplores Ban on Cans
  • Ritter, Mania. Mourns Concerts’ Death
  • Breeden, Nancy, et al. Wants Graduation Recognition
  • Schuhmann, Paul, et al. WKU 19, EKU 7
  • Patterson, Tom. Eastern Wins Antics, Western Wins Game
  • Potter, Jerry. Hector Ortiz Cops First Title of Season, but Harriers to Murray, 24-33
  • Bill Perkins, Doug Martin Lead Keglers - Intramurals
  • Phi Mu I, Samoans Take Women’s Intramurals Volleyball Crown


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