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L'esprit edition of the College Heights Herald featuring student/faculty poetry and photography.

  • Smith, Don. Let Me Be High Forever
  • Banks, Nancy. Song of Myotic Prophets
  • Smith, Don. Melting Wax
  • Miller, Jim. Census Reports 45% Drop in State Farm Population
  • Lawrence, Fred. The Barnyard Scene
  • Dizney, Scott. Lo, A Man
  • Fuller, Thomas. The Beautiful People
  • Baskerville, Penni. Brothers Kill
  • May, Janice. Untitled
  • Miller, Jim. Family Reunion
  • May, Janice. Children in Parks
  • Baskerville, Penni People, Look Down
  • May, Janice. Fall Warriors
  • Baskerville, Penni. Today
  • Calloway, Nanci. Feet-Trods
  • Silence
  • Smith, Don. Ah, Man
  • Martin, William. Home
  • Weaver, Pat. Revolution of the Sun
  • Smith, Don. Morning Glory
  • Smith, Louise. Hair


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