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WKU Campus Newspaper Reporting Campus, Athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky News. This issue contains articles:

  • Caudill, Tom. William Buckman Defeats Albert Laird in Rematch – Faculty Regent
  • Reynolds, Jim. Jay Keffer Wins Freshman Vote
  • Strehl, Mary. Dr. Jim Goodrum is Lone Physician on Staff Student Health Service
  • Enrollment Climbs Over 12,000 Mark
  • Harris, Roger. Unpaid Tickets May Lead Students to Car Trouble
  • Academic Council Hears Proposal for More Student Votes
  • Job Interviews Se Next Week
  • Reynolds, Jim. Jeff Consolo Tabs Eight for Congress
  • Peace Corps Recruiters Due Next Week
  • Football Bus Trip May be Cancelled
  • Student Patrol: A Good Idea a High Price
  • Whitman, Connie. Questions Patrol Idea
  • Dorton, Cathy. Raps William McCormack on Housing
  • Osborne, Wayne. Veteran’s Plea
  • McCoy, Morris. United Black Students Inactive
  • Steen, Janet & Ricky Crawford. Survey Shows Bookstore Prices Rank Among Highest Locally Despite Cuts
  • Leake, Betsy. Personal Items Cheaper at Discount Stores
  • Osborne, Wayne. Kentucky Vets Still Hope for More Federal Funds
  • Cherry Hall to Reopen Soon
  • What’s Happening – Christian Student Fellowship, Lutheran Students Club, Recreation Club, Alpha Omicron Pi, Industrial Education Club, Scuba Club, Delta Sigma Pi, Omicron Delta Kappa, Gamma Beta Phi, Gamma Sigma Sigma, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Delta Chi
  • Local Orchestra to Perform Handel
  • Tomorrow Will Be a Red Towel Day
  • Steen, Janet & Jay Wethington. Does College Inn Mean Parties, Noise and Drugs?
  • Tennessee Valley Authroity’s Coal Supply Low; Power Use Cut Suggested
  • Budde, Neil. Indecision Costs a Run and the Game
  • Smith, Verenda. Austin Peay Will Field Different Team This Year
  • Harris, Roger. Distance Runners Head Home for Local Meet
  • Intramural Softball Tournament Continues
  • Budde, Neil. Baseball Keeps Neil Mills Going
  • Angelo, Tom. Coed Netters Host Louisville Today
  • Tewell, Tom. Old Man Winter Calls for More in the Way of Car Care
  • Small Things May Cause Some Large Headaches
  • Winter Demands Good Brakes
  • Antifreeze Supple Low This Winter


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