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WKU Campus Newspaper Reporting Campus, Athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky News. This issue contains articles:

  • Western Submits Report on Recruiting Violation to Ohio Valley Conference,NCAA Officials
  • MacDonald, Margaret. WKU Seeks Okay for Tuition Proposal
  • Journalists Earn Workshop Honors
  • Greg McKinney Joins Regents in WKU Budget Approval
  • Tritschlee, Elaine. Students Feel Pinch
  • Ashcraft, Betsy & Cindi Dziezak. Construction Falling Behind Schedule – Cherry Hall, Environmental Science & Technology Hall
  • Enrollment Drops
  • Wilcoxson, Kirby. John Scarborough and Thomas Madron: Personalities in Contrast
  • Knight, Sherri. Junior Scholars Sneak a Preview
  • Herde, Mary. Super Snoops Seek Some Scoops
  • Burrell, Nancy. Folk Musicians Schedule Showings for Saturday
  • Dobos, Nancy. Two-Week Workshop Teaches High Schoolers Theater, Speech
  • Koremenos, Carole. Rehearsals Begin for Summer Plays
  • Western Names Lanny Van Eman, Bobby Rascoe Basketball Aides
  • Garmon, Becky. Western Regains Title as Ohio Valley Conference All-Sport Champ


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