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WKU Campus Newspaper Reporting Campus, Athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky News. This issue contains articles:

  • Campus Map
  • Tewell, Terry. Student Recreation Provided
  • Wethington, Jay. Library Complex Offers Wide Selection to Students
  • Administration Building Serves Student Needs
  • Spare Time Center on Hill
  • Burchett, Roger. This is Not What You’d Call a Regular Army Outfit
  • McCoy, Morris. Kentucky Building Reflects History
  • Collins, Don. Athletic Facilities Are Open to Students
  • Refrigerators Still Available
  • Parking Structure Houses Laundry
  • McCoy, Morris. Western Provides Counseling Help for Student Body
  • Johnston, Scott. Credits May Be Obtained Through CLEP Testing
  • Johnston, Scott. Honor Students Create Their Courses
  • Leake, Betsy. Health Service Answers Medical Needs
  • Leake, Betsy. American Revolution Course Offered
  • Community College Offerings Expand
  • Reynolds, Jim. Fiddler on the Roof, Soprano Highlight Fine Arts Festival
  • Herald Staff Get Real Jobs
  • Cross, Al. Going Up Environmental Building is Now Under Construction
  • Orientation Course a Must
  • Post Office in Garrett
  • Personnel Changes Are Made During Summer Recess
  • Degree Program Designed for Today’s Students
  • Semester-Long Humanities Program Made Possible by $30,000 Grant
  • Krull, Carl. The Door to Sisterhood
  • News in Brief – Applied Arts & Health, Sigma Xi, Grants, Dairy Herd
  • Automobile Registration is Required by University
  • Loans Available to Help Students
  • Smith, Verenda. NCAA Extends Hilltopper’s Probation
  • Food Prices Continue to Increase
  • Harris, Roger. Prospects for Campus Radio Station Dim Over Summer
  • Caudill, Tom. Regents Extend Visitation, Okay $29.8 Million Budget
  • Caudill, Tom. Tuition Waiver Plan Approved
  • Welcome to Western! Now that You’re Here . . .
  • Downing, Dero. A Letter from the President
  • Letters to the Editor Policy
  • Reynolds, Jim. Theft-Proof: New Bicycle Locks Designed to Frustrate Potential Thieves
  • Johnston, Scott. Marcus Wallace: Security’s Head Precision Piece
  • Caudill, Tom. Freshmen Increase Dorm Occupancy – Parking
  • Tewell, Terry. Student Volunteer Bureau Program Open to Students
  • Smith, Verenda. Loss of Hurlers Handicaps Lineup
  • Smith, Verenda. A 5-5 Season for Footballers
  • Collins, Don. All Runners Returning
  • Rogers, Richard. Track Team Places Ninth in NCAA: Netters Take Second in Ohio Valley Conference
  • Rifle Team Has New Coach – Jay Eatherly
  • Lanny Van Eman, Bobby Rascoe Named to WKU Basketball Staff
  • Ohio Valley Conference Basketball Games to Be Televised
  • Budde, Neil. Spots Open on Women’s Teams
  • Caudill, Tom. University Faces Spiraling Costs
  • Leisure Screeches to Halt


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