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WKU Campus Newspaper Reporting Campus, Athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky News. This issue contains articles:

  • Leake, Betsy. Cold Check Deficit Climbs 25 Per Cent
  • Harris, Roger. Parking Ticket Revenue Brings $34,784 in One Year
  • Shirley, Janet. University Storing Winter Coal Supply
  • Reynolds, Jim. Apathy May Block Associated Student Government Council Move
  • Ruthie Hayes is Derby Darling
  • Midnight Special Slated for Tonight
  • McCubbin, Mary. Lt. Gov. Julian Carroll Voices Confidence in Education
  • One Trouble Spot Remains in Campus Parking Setup
  • Reid, Dan. Once Upon a Time There was a College Newspaper
  • Levy, Marc. New ASG Congress Member Chides Colleagues for Inaction
  • Russell, John. Alleges Discrimination
  • Rebost, Fred. Rest Assured, Citizens
  • Baskett, Jim. Comments on College Inn Article
  • Charton, Dallas. Says Cartoon Biased
  • Gray, Michael. Supports Sen. Marlow Cook
  • McNally, Karen. Professor Says Pretty Boy Floyd was Family’s Only Number One – William Floyd
  • Moonbeam Scheduled This Weekend
  • What’s Happening – Christian Student Fellowship, Weightlifting Club, Young Democrats
  • Smith, Verenda. Tops Hope to Spoil Celebration at East Tennessee State University - Football
  • Smith, Verenda. Pitchers Shine in Twin Bill Split
  • Payton, Richard. Intramural Roundup
  • Harris, Roger. Runners Aim for Indiana University Win
  • Angelo, Tom. Coeds Face University of Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky University in Weekend Tennis Action
  • Women, Men Golfers Prepare for Matches
  • Table Tennis Club Changes
  • Nursing Drops Summer Term
  • Queen Candidates Listed
  • Homecoming Events Schedule


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