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WKU Campus Newspaper Reporting Campus, Athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky News. This issue contains articles:

  • Shirley, Janet. Lifelong Work of Translation Coming to End – Randolph Yeager
  • Reynolds, Jim. Resolution Urges New Ticket Locations
  • Shirley, Janet. John McLucas Urges Strong Military
  • Tentative Pact May End Strike – United Mine Workers
  • College Heights Herald is Taking Job Applications
  • Bill Russell to Lecture Monday Night
  • Americas Learning the Pain of Hunger Might Prompt Significant Food Crisis Relief
  • Taylor, Michael. The Starving Millions
  • Thompson, David. Dictatorial NCAA
  • Bond, Beverly. A Sort of Death – Fine Arts Festival
  • Miles, Hank, et al. Graduate Student Union
  • Ombudsman – Softball Team, Dark Rooms
  • Internships Earn Credit for Students
  • Tewell, Terry. Faculty Members to Perform Tonight – Delta Omicron
  • Tewell, Terry. An Italian Straw Hat to Begin Run Tuesday
  • What’s Happening – Eta Sigma Gamma, Graduate Student Union, Veterans on Campus, Kappa Sigma, Baptist Student Union
  • Smith, Verenda. New Quarterbacks to Guide Tops, Cats – Bill Smith, Doug Davis
  • Collins, Doug. Playoffs Await WKU . . . If Tops Win
  • Greek Powers to Meet
  • Payton, Richard. Loose Goose Joe Tinius Sets High-Flying Goals
  • Rides Offered to NCAA Meet


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