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WKU Campus Newspaper Reporting Campus, Athletic and Bowling Green, Kentucky News. This issue contains articles:

  • McNally, Karen. Energy Shortage May Alter Christmas
  • Reid, Dan. Term Paper Catalog
  • Schmitt, Morton. Instructor Collects Mercedes Benzes – Paul Ruckman
  • Williams, Maribeth. Visitation Called Success
  • Western Offers Bicentennial Films, Speakers
  • Shirley, Janet. Fencing . . . Not Just Another Sport
  • Leake, Betsy. Student Enjoys Bag of Magical Tricks
  • Ten to Be Commissioned
  • More Loan Money Will Available to Graduate Students Next Semester
  • Crawford, Rick. Western Dean Researches Answers to Energy Crisis – Marvin Russell
  • ROTC Grants Given
  • McCubbin, Mary. Students Work Independently
  • Smith, Verenda. WKU Professor Writes Mathematics Textbook – Wlater Feibes
  • Monarch, Huston. Builders Say Bad Sound Designed into Diddle Arena
  • Tewell, Terry. Graduate Student Association to Vote on Charter
  • Shirley, Janet. Student Makes Himself Another Toy for Kids – Richie Hanna
  • Robert Mounce to Speak at Holiday Retreat
  • Joy Kirchner Gets Two State Jobs in Health Area
  • Jack Anderson to Lecture Here Tonight
  • Cross, Al. Letter from the Editor: Win a Few, Lose a Few
  • Keown, Charles. Marijuana Decriminalization is Opposed
  • Hinely, Herb, et al. Editorial Criticized
  • Sears, Nancy. Wants Holiday Lights
  • Ombudsman – Parking, Math 109, Dormitory Rules, Recycling
  • WKU Grad Assisting Arts Group – Linda White
  • Tewell, Terry. Fewer Put on Academic Probation
  • Campus Offices, Facilities to Close During Holidays
  • Gibson, Debbie. All Study Tours Rescheduled
  • Pleasure Tour Ideas Are Being Considered
  • McCamish, Jelaine. Parapsychology: Five Faculty Members to Offer Course in Psychic Phenomena Next Semester
  • Tewell, Terry & Debbie Harris. Overflow Crowd Hears William Buckley in Van Meter
  • Reynolds, Jim. What’s Happening – Softball, Collegiate Civitan, Campus Crusade for Christ, Eta Sigma Gamma, Graduate Student Association
  • Gephart, Tom. Hudson River Painter is Artist-In-Residence – Robert Angeloch
  • Police Arrest Six Students
  • Wethington, Jay. Thunder Rocks Few While Kiss Kisses Off
  • Gemini 75 Group to Perform
  • Tewell, Terry. Christmas Play Slated
  • McCubbin, Mary. Faculty Contributes to Bicentennial Bookshelf
  • Book Exchange Begins Monday
  • Smith, Verenda. Toppers Beat Arkansas, Old Dominion
  • Smith, Verenda. Holiday Slate to Test Basketballers
  • Smith, Verenda. Western Sports Figures Have Put in a Request for Several Things from Santa
  • Collins, Don. Tops Aren’t Good Hosts for Kent Allison’s Return Visit
  • Collins, Don. Ohio Valley Conference Ruling May Keep Toppers from All-Sports Title
  • Payton, Richard. Western Swimmers Open Season with Two Wins
  • Toppers Sweep Both Divisions of Rifle Meet
  • Junior Varsity Win Extends Record to 2-1
  • Coaching Staff Signs 10 to Letters of Intent


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